Traveller Release Schedule 2024

I'd love to get some adventures set in The Beyond and Vanguard Reaches. The Spinward Extents is probably my favourite sector book with loads of cool stuff - the Storm Knights, the Corellan League, those aliens with the unspeakable name and their weird biomechanical starships...
I seem to have missed the announcement of The Borderland completely. Is it an adventure, a book of said subsector (or a collection of several subsectors in that area), both, or something completely different?
This is what Matt said in the Mongoose Discord:

"So, there I was, planning the next office campaign, and I had settled on the Borderland region of the Trojan Reach. Then I realized that, actually, we have done really quite a lot of work on this region in the past edition, and that its two clusters make for a very, very good sandbox that is nevertheless tightly confined. Perfect for new/lazy Referees! So, after some re-editing, rearranging, and addition of a far trader's load of new material, it looks like you will all be getting a Borderland sourcebook, something around 180-200 pages, probably towards this summer..."
I've decided that Matt is a modern day Siren from mythology.
I got Fifth Frontier War today. Very well done. I liked the GDW one, this looks better.
Now I see that he has three more FFW books coming in May (potentially) and there is no doubt that more are coming after that.
Like the sailors of old, I am drawn to his siren song and will be spending more on those books, to my certain demise (yes, my wife will kill me).
From the lates update here is my immediate wish list, the stuff that jumps out and says "buy me"
This is Free Trader Beowulf - A System History of Traveller:
Written by Shannon Appelcline, who has been researching this volume for quite some time, this book tells the story of Traveller from its inception to the modern day - all the twists and turns the game has taken, the people involved, and inspirations that shaped the longest running science-fiction RPG!

Starship Operator's Manual: Just picked up the access codes for your new ship and want to know how it really works? The Starship Operator's Manual is the essential companion for every free trader captain. Takes a look at the inner workings of the Type-S, the Empress Marava and Safari Ship.

Far Trader Part Two - Liars and Thieves:
The next instalment of the Traveller comic. Buying low and selling high is the name of the game. Sometimes a single trading ship can make all the difference in a backwater place like Aramis, but sometimes such a ship is unwelcome. Traders must tread carefully. Includes bonus material for the RPG that describes Carsten Station, an orbital space station on the Imperial frontier.

Bounty Hunter:
Channel your inner Mandalorian with a new style of campaign - taking on contracts, hunting down your prey, and collecting the bounty on their heads! This book brings bounty hunting to your games, either as a dedicated campaign where Travellers become bounty hunters during their careers, or as a 'bolt-on' supplement to existing campaigns where Travellers fancy trying their hands at something new

Core Expeditions:
The Zhodani expeditions towards the galactic core are perhaps the greatest exploratory endeavours Humaniti has ever attempted. What drives them? What have they encountered? What is it like to be part of their scouting fleets or outpost building crews? Take part in pushing back the frontier on the very cutting edge of Charted Space.

Legend of the Sky Raiders

2300AD: Invasion
2300AD: Building the Frontier
The Ine Givar
Just to be clear I will also be getting the FFW stuff too, but these are the ones that stand out to me.
I am most looking forward to:
Starship Operator's Manual
War Fleets of the Fifth Frontier War - I wonder how much it will rely on the Naval Campaign Sourcebook and The Imperial Navy
Core Expeditions - exploration is fun, and I am looking forward to see how much things are different comparing to The Great Rift and Rim Expeditions
Singularity - for maybe a more cyberpunk feel
The Ine Givar - I like to use their plots and I kind of hope this will have elements of covert operations and plots within plots
Damn, there are a lot of great titles on the horizon. Love the idea that Core Expeditions are going to be included, as well as a book on the Ine Givar.

I better start squirreling away money now.
Aha! They did it, they completed the "Humaniti Goes Very Far Away" trilogy! 😁

And, yes, an Ine Givar book sounds interesting. I liked the description of the Ine Givar NPC featured in "Fifth Frontier War"; it did a good job of conveying a sense of the plurality that falls under that label within a single representative; she was sort of the ultimate consolidation of the various flavours but believable as a distinct character. That's quite promising, so I look forward to having the movement(s) fleshed out.
Really looking forward to the Ine Givar, hopefully it might also include details on the Ministry of Justice.
Also with the Core Expeditions it means that Zhodani, Imperial and Solomani deep space exploration missions are covered :)
Glad Starship Operator's Manual is coming soon. That's the top pick for me. I'd love to read more about the Ine Givar and the Core Expeditions as well. All of it is looking good, though.
Yep. I'm hoping to order Starship Operator's Manual, Free Trader Beowulf, and (checks notes) probably Order of Prometheus in a few.
Luckily, the PCs are showing no signs of taking possession of their starship in the immediate future, probably because neither of them knows the first thing about operating a Starship.
Ironically, in the first Sky Raiders, I put their arch nemesis (Kalamanaru) right in the lap of my players. They could have easily have just killed him right then and there, but he lied about his name and they never bothered to check his ID. They never felt like they were on rails. I just hoped they wouldn't go off outside the quest... much.
Hoping to hear some news about the Starship Operator's Manual. April's in the home stretch. And nothing else on the gaming side expected until June.
Came here to post this very same thing, but you already did it - so ditto! The new SOM is my most eagerly awaited Traveller book of this year (so far).