New SST rules

What is your SST Evo. reaction?

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Original post removed due to flamebait.

I'd like to know what the new rules are before I go voting it as a good or bad thing, but from where I'm sitting mongoose is being pretty candid about the whole thing.
I know some people will prefer them to the current rules, but I for one don't after testing them. I only played 1 and a half games with them, the second became boring as I was using skinnies, which were altered a lot.
Tankers are a pain.

Matt, I really think hits should be put back in. I also wonder how traits will be chosen? Try making books like PP have done. They still bring stuff out, and put the rules into no wuarter (S&P for you) and when a new book comes out put it into there.
im looking foward to them make agreat game better . theres a couple things they need to iron out that could only have been found out with us playing it to death! ive got faith in the mighty mongoose!
I hope most of you will be pleasantly surprised. They fixed a lot of the "iffy" rules and clarified some others. I only played the basic rules, but they still seem great and will make the game much better.
Ok this poll massivly biased.
According to this I can either like the idea of the rules in three different ways or hate them.
What about cautiously sceptical, on account of having bought the army books?
Im not gonna say its a mistake that wont work, because I havent seen the damn things yet, but on the other handthe thought of SST without multiple reactions, any kind of victory conditions other than elimianation, some wierd shatter rule that forces you to stick all your models on the table or risk death (effectivly preventing the old warrior bug recycling which probably cut into the profits), and all the weapon traits removed rather than reworded kinda scares me.
On the other hand though a new rule book with decent art work all the army lists and a bit of fluff sounds really really cool.
Sorry about the Biased. There was another option up there that was removed, and I accidently left out the other option I was planning on putting up there.