MWP Turret Hardpoints?



Is the table correct? For a 100 ton chassis you end up with 6 less hardpoints overall compared to a biped. Surely a turret would hold at least as much as a single arm.

Also there is no listing of maximum armour tonnage for the locations.
I would say it was done that way intentionally.

Look at the advantages it has: more payload, better handling, lower power requirement for movement. The power saving alone saves two hard points on the largest mechs. The turret can also be fixed forward to share space with the torso. Most weapons would be in the torso, turret would be for defensive and sensor systems.

Max armor appears to be linked to structure points for a body part.
I would say MWP legs have the same armor as biped legs of same structure, Turret uses same armor as arm/ leg of same structure.
I think its fairly safe to say that you could use the table on 195 of the core book to figure that out. Even though it does only go upto a total mass of 200.

Give that the final column is covering five different engines, and that all the minimum speeds are the same.

Scratch all that, you're after the table on page 125 of Warmachines. Go with the table as is, with the stipulation that you can't mount anything lower than an N rated tokomak plant. Seems like the simplest way to do it.

This is what happens when I don't have all the books handy.