Lone Wolf, Timelines and Ice Barbarians

Winter Wolf


Does the RPG timeline stop fifty years before lone wolf? The reason I ask is that I would like to run a game around the events of the Ice Barbarian invasion that is mentioned in Fire On The Water. Is there any more info around on this?

If not It would be great material for a Kalte supplement. You could have info on the Ice barbarians themselves and the beasts of the frozen north. The ice fortress with information about the ancients and the demons that power the place. Weather conditions and unique geographic features. The Northern seas and information on the ships that operate there. It would also provide useful information on travel and survival in the winter for any northern or mountainous climate.

Coming back to the Ice Barbarian Invasion. How do you think that they crossed over to the Lastlands? Boats, or what about a great freeze. A decade of cold weather and terrible winters every year the sea ice advances a little closer to Sommerlund and Durenor until eventually there was an ice bridge across the Northern seas. Then the ice barbarians poured across driven south by the terrible weather and able to fight and maunder effectively in the frozen winter landscape unlike the Sommerlending or Durense.

Perhaps the big freeze is an event that has happened before and when it does the Ice barbarians sweep out of the North to feast upon the fat little towns of the Lastlands.

Any body else got any ideas, any chance of something official.

Kalte is cool! :roll:
I dig this idea. Its cool, and its creative. I know theres alot of history in LW, but most of events in the timeline is in increments of 100's or 1000's of yrs.

The only events of importance during the time that mongoose is setting LW RPG is that Zargana is massing his armies. Other than that, there really isn't much official stuff about this time period.

Hopefully, the book has info on playing durring different time periods. Like 50yrs before the Kai Massacre, During the Darklord wars, and during the new order years after the destruction of the darklords. This would allow people to have a variety of time periods to put their campaigns in. Kind of like the Star Wars RPG.
One of the things that I like about this event is that it gives you the chance to have a major conflict without upsetting the timeline. When the ice recedes so do the Ice Barbarians.

Another nice thing about it from an RPG point of view is that because of the extreme climate conditions at the time of the invasion the special skill and nature of the heroic classes would really come to the fore. The Ice Barbarians would be almost impossible for a regular military force to track down in the countryside. So they would be mostly confined to garrisoning town and cities and maybe guarding the occasional vital food or fuel convoy. I would think that the Ice Barbarians are not that numerous, still thousands, but not as numerous as the Lastlands armies. But perfectly adapted to moving swiftly across the landscape attacking isolated farms villages and food convoys, possibly combining to strike poorly defended towns. Moving almost like a force of nature, a swarm of locusts until the ice recedes.

In this kind of environment the only forces able to oppose them would be special troops such as the rangers and heroes particularly the Kai but the others as well moving in small groups evacuating farmsteads, defending villages, protecting convoys, raiding Ice barbarian camps, gathering intelligence and acting as messengers. They would be the only people capable of getting information between the towns and cities detailing the levels of food, fuel and medicine and the strength of opposition.

In this kind of environment something as mundane as cutting wood for the village fires would be come a matter of life and death and an heroic feat to protect the foresters and prevent the villagers from freezing to death.

You could even have Baknar or Kalkoth crossing the ice bridge and possibly remaining a menace for years after, treat as a mythical beast that no body quite believes in haunting the northern Durncrag, but descending in the most terrible winters to wreak havoc on the most isolated communities.

I would love to see a supplement detailing this but if it doesn't happen I will produce some material myself.

Hey, i suggest writing up an adventure and submitting it to Signs and Portents, the mongoose trade magazine. I've got quite a few ideas myself. And i'm considering writing some material up and submitting it.

That would be your best bet to get it published.

I'll give it a try. I'm very new to Mongoose, only being drawn in by the promise of Lone Wolf goodness, but now I'm here I'm rather impressed! I'll pick up a few copies of S&P, play a few games with the new LW rules, then I'll give it ago.
You're right, Kalte is cold... cool I mean. :p

That is a superb idea that reminds me of a Conan novel where he, a ranger and a dog (!) evacuated farmlands attacked by hordes of Picts.
But I disgress.

It would indeed be great as a Sign & Portent article.
Hmm, I don't normally care much for Kalte ... but that's a damn good idea you had there, Winter Wolf! :D

(BTW: Congrats, that's a cool Kai name! :wink:)

Paido, who already feels a cold creeping up
The enigma of Baknar oil. Do you Baknar oil or not? Either can kill you in the book it just depends on the route you take. That was always the most difficult choice in Caverns of Kalte for me and one of the most difficult in the entire series. :?
I never touched the stuff till after I read Legends book 5....
For some reason, the passages of LW dealing with the intense cold made sure I didn't have to worry as much when playing the game books...

Still got eaten for wearing when I did though :roll: