Issues with files posed for Bits & Mortar download


Hello fine folks,

I purchase most of my Traveller books from my FLGS, and get the PDFs through Bits & Mortar. However, a few of the recent titles have had updates through the Mongoose store and DTRPG, but the files on B&M haven't been updated. The ones I have found are:
  • Element Class Cruisers Box Set - There are 24 color blueprints, but only 22 black and white ones (missing 'Missile Pods x2 Deck 1 and 2" and "Subordinate Craft & Command Structure".
  • The Third Imperium - missing Core sector map.
  • The Trailing Frontier - missing Ley and Gateway sector maps; book PDF is still the original pre-errata release with the incorrect sector map on page 129 (labeled Gateway Sector, but map itself is a duplicate of the map on page 62.
In addition, many of the newest releases haven't been posted to B&M yet including: Aliens of Charted Space Volume 4, Rim Expeditions (with its maps, please!), Mysteries of the Ancients, The Deep and the Dark, Adventure Class Ships, Small Craft Catalogue, and Makergod. (I understand it does take a little while for this to happen; these are the ones my FLGS confirmed aren't there at all yet.)
Thank you for looking into these for me!
Indeed. I have both Behind the Claw and The Third Imperium and sector maps seem to be missing from either.
edit: Sorry, I have rechecked - after redownlading, BtC has maps now, but the Third Imperium does not