Interest in a tourney (UK)

Interested? (UK or willing to go to the UK only please)

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Would anyone be interested in a tournament run by the club both me and reborn attend?
There would obviouslu be an entrance fee of between £5-8
2000 points, painted, on a Sunday.
I'm not sure we can do it, I would have to ask the others on the comittee. I think it would also be fun to see how some of the guys at MGP fend off against the public in a tournament. Prizes wouldn't be definate, but most likely. If theres some hubbub on here about it, I will talk to our club official.

It would be held in our usual hall in Abingdon, near Oxford, easily accessed from Didcot Parkway (train station) where a lot of trains go to (Cardiff, London Paddington, Bristol Parkway, Bristol temple meads, Swindon parkway etc), by taking a bus located outside the station (25A every hour 27 minutes past such and such) and Oxford City by taking a bus from the city, pretty much keep walking from the station until you find a waterstones, face it, and walk rightward, down the highstreet, keep going down, and there should be 3 roads, go down the one in front and theres loads of bus stations, you want to take the X3 or X4, then get off in Abingdon town centre (whichever bus you take, even from Didcot). After this you will see touchwoods, halifax bank and just toys, face one of these stores, turn right and walk until you get to 'sami's kebabs' Its a little while up, past Coxeter house. Once you are here, there is a road opposite, go down this road, take the first right and go down it. It is private, but still go down it. You should get to a car park, and the back of the conservatives club building, go inside, go up the stairs and into the hall. Tada, you are at our club. :D

Please, only people in the UK or likely to travel to the UK post on the poll. :D

Thanks lads, Rob

This would help our club loads towards our show, we are a non-profit club.
2 questions.

a) when?
b) how easy(and how costly) it would be to reach that place from Huddersfield? Since you are from England maybe you could give rough idea on how expensive(and leghty in time) train trip would be there?
I imagine November or December? Possibly sooner depending on what our clubs decision is. Whereabouts is Huddersfield? Basically, its about 8 miles from Oxford. The bus from Oxford (X3/4) takes about 10-15 minutes to get to Abingdon town centre. The walk from there should take about 10 minutes. The train from swindon to abingdon always took about 15 minutes. Abingdon itself is around the Northest part of the south end of England. It would probably be easier to travel by car.
check out, There should be a map on there somewhere.
Rob_alderman said:
I imagine November or December?

Well that's definetly long enough after my arrival to england that tournament would definetly feel good :D

It would probably be easier to travel by car.

a) car is bit too big to be transported via airplane :D
b) I SWEAR I will NOT touch car while being in England. Sorry but you guys drive on the wrong side of the road. I would just forget that and cause nasty car accident :lol:
I meant abingdon is 8 miles from oxford.
I didnt know you were from abroad.
And we dont drive wrong, everyone else does. :p
I warn you, public transport over here is expensive and hectic.

oh and that should be .

When are you here and how long for?

Is Huddersfield north or south? I forget. Or midlands? Someone help this bloke.
Rob_alderman said:
When are you here and how long for?

Is Huddersfield north or south? I forget. Or midlands? Someone help this bloke.

Huddersfield is near Manchester, IIRC about 150km north from Nottingham.

I'll be in England...Well actually next saturday :D And stay there for roughly a year.
Jeez. Manchester is miles away. I reckon about 3 or 4 hours on the train? Nottingham's about 3
Rob_alderman said:
Jeez. Manchester is miles away. I reckon about 3 or 4 hours on the train? Nottingham's about 3


Won't completely stop me from planning the trip(just a matter of waking up early enough to catch early enough train :D) but will have to wait until I see what sort of schedelude I have on school for the next monday before I make up my mind wether to come.
If you can push for December to give me time to prepare Rob, I'd definitley consider coming down from Aberdeen to play. Depending on how easy it'd be to get there by Train/Plane (I can't drive).
Hi Rob,

Would it be suitable for newbies?

I checked out the AWC site? SST wasn't mentioned. Do you play regularly? Maybe I could wander over one Friday night as I work between Reading and Abingdon.

I can easily arrange a game. That site hasn't been updated in a while.
I would willingly give anyone a game. I suggest you get to know the rules before joining a tourney. Right now, popular games are legends of the old west, warmachine/hordes, wfb and 40k mostly. Very friendly small club.