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i am getting sick of gamesworkshop charging more and more for their models and i really hope they get trounced by this game. The models look awsome, the game seems to play well and it is so much cheaper than gw so i can't see the problem. GO MONGOOSE!

P.s. muchos praise to andy chambers!
it is so much cheaper than gw

Although 15 quid for _eight_ Mobile Infantry is fast approaching the steepness of GW prices; I'm going to buy 2 Game boxes, then get some Cadians (£18 for 20) from GW and attach the spare arms/ extra weapons options from the MI sprues to the Cadian bodies and call them the MI from the film...
yeah but the mobile infantry set is so much more detailed; all the weapons bar sniper rifle(which can be made eay enough) and they get the cool head visor. (drooling)
Yes, but (and I repeat) £15 for eight plastic miniatures :shock: .

Not quite in the league of £8 for a plastic Space Marine Captain,I grant you, but even so...
compare: 2000pt guard army = 200+ men
2000pt MI army = 16-32 men

u wont have to spend nearly as much money as u would with gw + imagine how much they'd charge for models of that quality!
Comparing points values across different game systems is pointless. Possibly comparing points values which give a similar length of game could be valid, but really, it's all apples and oranges.
I agree that the cost of an MI army appears to be a lot less than a comparable GW army, and that overall the prices appear reasonable (or more than reasonable in the case of the main game). And I know that cost is always relative (ie charge what the market will bear and all that).

Byt that still doesn't mean that 8 plastic guys should cost £15. There are two possibilities here; either GW are subsidising the cost of the Cadian box in a bid to get people to play a Guard army (and monkeys might fly out of my butt). Or Mongoose realise that people will need to buy relatively few CAP Trooper box sets (maybe 2 over what you get in the box) and realise they need to maximise their profit on the license.

Don't misunderstand me; this is the way things go and I accept that. But, the fact is that the minis are overpriced for what they are...

But I'm still going to buy lots, I've no doubt...
But I'm still going to buy lots, I've no doubt...[/quote]

and i'd be very disappointed if you didn't

i know all minuatures are overpriced in general but mongoose have made the larger models a lot cheaper than gw's e.g Tanker £25.00 or $35.00.
gw charges that for a predator and they're tiny by comparison to a tanker.
ROFL, im tired geting it in the *censored* from GW, i mean i spent most of my money as a kid on them , and now im tired of it...... *censored* GW!!!! go mongoose!!!!!
my son loves the models but I dont like there we know best attitude too there customer base add that too the high prices for everythink and I think it is time for GW too get a kicking and hope SST is the game too do it who knows might even get a die hard roleplayer like me too start painting.Know I will buy the roleplaying game and everything published for it but might give serous thought too the minis.hell the graphic novels are on my list so why not the minis too.(havent a clue how too paint etc)
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