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Hello Troubleshooters I have a few question, the book is great but I'm not always able to find the answers I need:

1) The Riot Shield in all its descriptions says "-1 success from an attack roll before determining damage" I've thought about this, the system as I understand involves the attack roll and the amount of successes give you damage. On that basis I can't see what the difference is. a DIFF one roll with 2 success gets a HURT for hitting the DIFF plus one more for the extra success which if taken off for armour ends up with 1 HURT level. Taking one success off before calculating damage still ends up hitting the DIFF and getting one HURT ? I'm just worried I'm missing something in the combat rules.

2) Is 8 the maximum MOXIE ?

3) Reflec Armour. On p38 of the Core Book it says "Remove one success from a laser success of the same colour clearance or lower, it also says this armour is Lvl 1. On p107 it says the armour is Lvl 0 and "blocks all laser shots of equal or lower colour" (on p33 of the core it says armour is -1 per level so 0 blocking everything again seems odd)This seemed insanely generous to me (especially compared with other armours like Double or Kevlar) so I assumed the former must be correct. The answer I got on the KS page from Mongoose was "We'll check this one out but, at first glance, I would say either works - all depends how generous you are feeling as GM :)" which is fine, I know Paranoia is a loose game but to have the books contradict each by that degree (it's not a point or 2 of damage potentially) feels odd and makes me wonder if one or the other reading would disrupt the game (in a bad way rather than the good way you want. I just checked the GM screen and to my surprise it says the second version, that ALL laser hits of the appropriate colour are blocked. What do people think ?
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1) I see two possible solutions. Originally it meens NODE -1 but these looks to strong for the designers. Or its a problem with the initiative. You attack simultaneously in the same security level. And they want to say that the shiel protect you from every damage.So when you are the target of three commis every commi loose one success an the the riot shield is destroy and not after the first attack that hit you.

2) In the original rules, MOXIE: 8 was the maximum and in the new rules there stand nothing that you can more MOXIE with UPs.

3) I think it is a fault from the older version of the game. Because there Lev. 0 means that you become no bonus from your equipment. So i will take the data from page 38.

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