Favourite Gloranthan Player Species


Hey all, there is so much negativity flowing on the boards here and there over system issues, I just wanted to hear a little love coming from what we all are deep inside...gamers.

This thread is basically for the Glorantha-folks out there, but anyone else who has an opinion (please keep it on track to the thread...this is not a debate, just opinions) on a Glorantha Player Species that they feel is their favourite.

To participate, answer the following two question:

1> What species is your favourite?


2> Why?

Hope this lightens the mood a little!
Here...I'll start.

1> Waertagi (the amphibious Mer-men)

2> Their tragedy. Since I just recently got to really flesh out their Second Age existence in an upcoming title, I was able to really get into their skin. I really enjoyed how badly they get screwed by the God Learners and the "freedom fighting rebel" aspect of many of the survivors.

That, and I have always had a thing for mermen and pirates...now I get both. ;)

Tough one. I'll have to give it somet thought.


Scorpion Men - Always strike fear into players and just plain cool.

Baboons - I played a couple and they were some of the most fun characters I have ever played.

Uz/Trolls - Just cause of all the cool Trollpack stuff.
Humans, Elves and Trolls.

- Humans: because the elder races are kept more alien and mysterious when the player characters are human. Gloranthan cultures are also so well defined that there is a lot of immersive play to be had with playing humans.

- Elves: Because they are very unique to Glorantha, and pretty much are the underdog in many things. Culture also very well defined these days.

- Trolls: Lot's of material. They are humanlike enough that people can play them pretty easily, yet different enough to be interesting. Again, unique to Glorantha.
I only ever played Humans apart from one Elf, because I liked the picture of the Elves in the RQII book and because I played them in other games. I'd not have done so if we'd taken up RQ later when Elves had become Triffids.
1. Morokanth.

2. Because they're a perfect example of what's wonderful and unique about Glorantha. They're hated and despised, but that's only from one perspective. From their own perspective, they have a perfectly valid point and reason to feel hard done by. Plus, their background is a brilliant story, their culture has creepy and sinister aspects that appeal to me, and they're always cool to use in an adventure.

Close runner up:

1. Broo.

2. The cover of 3rd Ed Snakepipe Hollow.
Love; Trollkin. yey for the downtrodden and oppressed!

Reason; because they hate Trolls, all that druming and smiling, like some ancient new age-ers. To much interest in something that sees farting and burping as art forms.

And yes, I have read trollpak!

Because I prefer to explore the mysteries of Glorantha from a human perspective. So learning about the customs of other creatures becomes an exciting part of the game.

I also like ducks.

I just love the way these fellows keep coming back, reborn after they have died, coming back sometimes in a stronger form. They also act so alien that they freak out player characters. I have even had player characters run away from them!
Since I have only the RQ3 Box and the Gloranthan Bestiary as my source of information (and we ran with that, and nothing more), I have somewhat limited perspective on what "player" races may constitute.

But I will try to shoot anyway;

From most favorite to lowest;
1. Ducks - Few humanized animals have been so well as these. They stir up alot of emotion, you either love them or hate them. There are no middle ground it seems. I like them because I first encountered them in another game, where there were black feathered ducks that were pirates. And that was love at first sight so to speak. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than playing a duck with an attitude.

2. Dragons - They are big, they are scaly, they can fly, and they can breathe fire, and they scare the living daylights out of farmers. Did I mention they breathe fire? I love fire! All those pretty colors, the heat.... ;)

3. Humans - Plain and simple. They offer variation, but are still the familiar bland cup of tea.

4. Elves, I was going to say. But that would only apply to previous editions elves. Currently there are no elves in Glorantha (according to me), but Mini Ents, and mini ents are not my favorite cup of tea.

5. Broo - Don't you just love to hate them? they have absolutely no redeeming qualities. The gun fodder of RQ for which you need no sympathy.
Favourite PC Types:

Vampires - because they are the coolest thing around. What? I can't play a Vampire? Boo!

Centaurs - Because they are fast, big and sexy. Not much cop at climbing mountains or squeezing through tunnels, though, but boy can they play Trollball!

Favourite NPC Types:

Dragons - for much the same reason as Archer.

Hydras - Because they really piss off players.

Scorpion Walktapi - Because they have exactly 20 hit locations (that's it).

Giants - Because they are fun, fun, fun!
Trolls, simply because they are such emotional creatures. They also have a very down to earth, practical view of life based simply around satisfying their needs.

They're very child-like in some ways. If you've every seen 2 year olds fighting over a toy, you'll know what I mean by that.

Simon Hibbs
simonh said:
They're very child-like in some ways. If you've every seen 2 year olds fighting over a toy, you'll know what I mean by that.

Two BIG 2 year olds armed with clubs! :shock:

Pygmies. I even married one( though my wife still might be a little on the big size for one at 5 ft even)
Trolls. anyone up for a game of Trollball?
BTW I am going to be very unhappy if Mogoose do not reprint the rules for Troll ball some place.
Sigtrygg said:


Trollpak, best game supplement I ever bought.

It feels a bit like;

"Locusts, I love them"


"Read a great book on them once."


And two year olds? can't think of a worse age for any child to be at, it's not called 'the terrible two's' for nothing.
Humans - most versatile to play and really culturaly differentiated

Mostali - great fun , very alien world view

Uz - in theory, never played one or had a player play one, but make for really great npcs. I love the write up of the tour of a trolls house in Trollpak ' This stuff you can eat, this stuff you can use and touch, this stuff is precious to me - touch it and i kill you'