Ensemble Cast is now available!

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Cosmic Mongoose
Ensemble Cast is now available in PDF at DTRPG and the Independence Games webstore.

Everyone needs support!

Characters, much like real people, are surrounded by others. Whether it's their family members, the shopkeeper at the starport, their spouse, their minister, their favorite bartender, or their sworn enemy, the non-player characters (NPCs) will have an effect on the lives of the character.

Ensemble Cast is here to help the Referee and the Player sort through these non-player characters and make them seem more real which, in turn, makes the game more real for the players and the Referee. Learn about the character's family! Find out what sort of personality the shopkeeper has! Learn about the motivations of the character's rivals and enemies.

Few people are static in their lives and the NPCs in your game are no different. Things happen. There are births, deaths, fortunes, and misfortunes in the lives of your NPCs and those around them. Find out what has been going on in the lives of your NPCs since the last time you saw them!

And because our main goal to make things easier on the Referee, we've included a quick NPC generation system that will give you stats, skills, and personality in a flash!

Grab Ensemble Cast today! Everybody needs somebody sometime!