RIFTBREAKER #1: the new Traveller comic book is available now!


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RIFTBREAKER #1 is out now! Discover this new science fiction adventure in the far future.

Riftbreaker #1: the new Traveller comic book, in association with Markosia Enterprises, is available now in PDF!

The spacelanes of the Imperium are made of star clusters and mains that guide the flow of interstellar traffic. The stars provide the path for Travellers to cross Charted Space. But there are vast expanses of starless space where only the boldest Travellers dare to go. The yawning void of the Great Rift is one such expanse.

Adventurer Revo Sanderson and his brave crew are determined to do the unthinkable: Cross the Rift using their wits and a standard scout ship. It’s a crazy idea, but Travellers are made of sterner stuff than your average spacer.

This new comic book also includes bonus material for the game that describes just what “riftbreaking” is and how it’s done. Also included are stats and deck plans for the S-464077-F, the trusty old Type-S scout ship featured in the story.

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funny... never had any interest in comics going back to being a kid.... but really tempted to try ordering some of these and checking them out. Testament I suppose to how much I have really come to love the art, the work of the artists, that Mongoose is using. That was a surprise to me when I got into the game just a couple of months ago. Seth's videos got me interested to finally check out this game I had heard about for 40 damn years but never got around to trying... but in its own funny way the artwork is what really hooked me. One comment I had often heard was how interesting the books were to read, not just play, but it was the art really grabbed me and drew me in. Very evocative... and well done.
I generally agree with the above!


Pet peeve time: I hate the three-toe foot design on the vargr, and her outfit only makes it stand out all the more. Please switch to four in future installments. :p
umm.. new Mongoose guy stupid question here.

Ouch man...is this already sold out!! That is what I am seeing on the main page. I checked this morning after Tony posted that youtube vid and saw it was available. Just checked again... sold out for buying a physical copy.

Was planning on placing this on the Bounty Hunter Friday order but I snoozed and may have lost. Is that right ... selling out on pre-order? Is that a normal Mongoose thing?
thanks Matt.. you rock!!! I was looking forward to this being the first comic book I recall ever buying
got this along with Bounty Hunter... and decided to read this first this morning. Actually I had forgot.. I did own a Pink Floyd comic back way back in the day so this was not technically was first comic book I've bought but still... it was Floyd.. and Roger was indeed badass as he slew the bourgeoisie capitalists with his trusty black Fender bass..

fabulous stuff .. well done (Chris) Mongoose. Really enjoyed reading, even if it took a shot from the bottle in the filing cabinet to help follow the bubbles, and that and the artwork was A+
Well, that was cool and fun (I also waited until Bounty Hunter so I could game {um, take advantage of, er... optimize} the shipping charges). I look forward to seeing the Empty Hexes rules in action!
Great minds think alike (and so do ours). Riftbreaker will never be my first comic (I did work for a well-known publisher for a few horrible years), but it is certainly a worthy addition. Sweet!

Also, I still find it really, really cool to see canonical MTU nouns (people, places, and things) show up in graphical storytelling.
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the artist definitely deserves a shout-out if they are lurking and reading. Very well done! It definitely is a worthy addition and putting the Far Trader books on my next order. This type of game, the setting, sort of intuitively is tailor made for graphic novels/comics. While we all have good functional imaginations to help visualize the wonders of deep space and a game set within it it it still is really bitchin' to see it with our own eyes through an artists work. In that Mongoose really has hit out of the park. Like I've said before, as a newbie to the game compared to most of you who probably have been playing for many years if not the full 40+, character creation sucked me in (via a chance finding of Seth's intro videos on youtube while looking for D&D related stuff)...

where has this game been my entire life. No truer words have been spoken.

but it was the art in the Mongoose books (and overall quality of them) that found the vein and fueled what has become a full blown addiction. One that, like Bounty Hunter, had me awake at night staring at the ceiling short of breath in a cold sweat.... hoping the next morning would find the book available for pre-order haha