EMA's character sheet for Conan



I saw that EMA has done a character sheet for Conan. Its a bit big DL, but is pretty and done in line with the books. It also has all the spells listed with a short descriptions, which is a good reference for the GM.

Wow, these are great. She/He did an awesome job. I especially like the addition of the book's margin art on the sheet. They certainly put my character sheet to shame. Incredible!

Too bad I can't use them. Since I need to modify and save the sheets for uploading to my site, I can't use PDF. I'll have to stick to my Word format. Sigh. If anyone out there can convert Ema's sheet to Word, I would be eternally grateful. :lol:

I may modify my Word sheet though, and add a few things that Ema has on her sheet (Magical Attk mods, Power Points, etc.).
Jason Durall said:
What a beautiful character sheet... however, the lack of a section for Languages is baffling.

I spotted that too. I'd also love a black and white version, to save on ink.


Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for the appreciation! :D

As for the languages... doh! Can't believe I forgot that!! Sorry, people - just upped a new version on my website, this time with the correct "languages" box... you can grab it, as usual, from http://www.emass-web.com

Yokiboy, unfortunately the layout and textures I used as "old paper" prevent the creation of a nice-looking black'n'white version - I tried, and the result really sucked big time...
emass, many thanks for the superb sheet!

One last request:could you add a place to write down the Corruption pts total?
Ask and ye will receive...

Good idea, Guest, for the Corruption - updated version of the charsheet upped to my site...
It is a great looking character sheet. It does need a good color printer to come to its full. I like your D&D character sheets to, have been using them for a while. The spell lists are a great help I think. (We usually play some higher level characters in D&D),