Earthforce Campaign Guide?????

LoneStranger said:
Hey LBH, who on the forums was saying each part of the season 4 intro?

(yes I'm a bit late on this but I haven't been able to be online much recently.)

I had put names in originally but thought people might be offneded so took themn out again, but I had to use Alex, Matthew and Old Bear for the first three. Alex got Sheridan as they're both captains, and Old Bear got Ivanova 'cos he's a big girl :wink:

Has this book come out yet? I'm a bit behind with the various releases... Still reading Free Mars at the mo.
LBH: I have just read about your Mongoose 5, and it was really funny, I'm at work and I started laughing, loud, and I couldn't stop either, for a while. My collegues asked what's so funny, but since they're 'normal' people (ie, no gamers) I couldn't tell them what I just read and why it was so funny (they wouldn't understand) :D

Really great *thumbs up*
Glad you all like it, thanks to the imdb for the original text, easier then from memory. ALso I realise I gave myself Season 3 narration, as I wanted to say last best hope for VCDs :lol:

I should have said Thunderbolts

To paraohrase Red Dwarf "This is mine, this is mine, all these Thunderbolts are mine, exceptthat one, I don't want that one, but all the rest of them are mine!"