Dredd Goodness in S&P Issue 13


I was snooping around the Mongoose site, and noticed that they have now displayed the cover art for S&P 13 (looks like the reverse of the famous artwork, also shown in the JD rpg corebook) and it looks great.

Here is the cover:


Also, they list the two Dredd articles that will be in there:

Going Underground – New York – Part 3 of our series about the Mega-City One Undercity for Judge Dredd takes us to the remnants of the Big Apple, only now it’s really full of maggots…


Dark Phoenix Rising, part 1 – The first of a fantastic two part adventure for Judge Dredd. Did I say ‘adventure’? More like mini-campaign actually. This is a real treat for Dredd fans, with everything from evil doctors, narcotics and monstrous creatures. Time to get those mid level judges out of mothballs and really put them through their paces, or just generate up a new 10th level team and see if they can work out the mystery of flight LV-400.

I can't wait for this issue to be released... though issue 12 also contains some great Dredd information. Keep up the great work Mongoose.

For full details of issue 13, click here.

Not yet, but issue 12 also looks good. I'm glad to see that Dredd seems to be still going fairly strong. I know there are not many people who post on here, but there are a lot of people who play the game and keep snapping up the books. I hope it continues, as this is the best support I've seen for it so far.

just thought too let you know resubscribed to signs and my freebie gift will be the ....judges :D supporting the other half of the thread as there are no slaine minis the other 2000AD choice was my choice supporting the other half of the double act :twisted: :lol: