[Freelance Traveller] March/April 2023 Issue Posted for Download!


Banded Mongoose
The March/April 2023 issue of Freelance Traveller is posted for download!

This issue's featured article is David Johnson's Earth Colonies mini-campaign, "Gaian Pilgrimage". A Gaianist Dolphin makes a pilgrimage to Earth, and in the process ends up rethinking aspects of her faith several times.

We've reprinted Thad Coons's Planetology articles (combined into a single article), and The Astoundingly True Tale of José Fabuloso continues. We also have the usual eclectic combination of reviews, adventures, character profiles and interviews, background ideas, and so on; download, share, and enjoy!

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NOTE: It's been a while since we moved the PDFs to Google Drive, but we still see some people using (or sharing) apparently saved direct links to the PDFs on Freelance Traveller. DON'T DO THAT! You won't find them! Use the links on the index page of the issue of interest, or the links on the Cover Gallery page, which lead to the PDFs on Google Drive. ALL of the PDFs are available on Google Drive, right back to the introductory issue in 2009.


Banded Mongoose
I've been advised by a reader that the Marischal adventures that were reviewed by Paul Anuni as "The Scotian Huntress Campaign" are not only available via the FFE CD, but were also subsequently reprinted in SJG's The Space Gamer issues 46, 48, 50, and 53, and as a combined adventure folio as Flare Star for GURPS Traveller. Digital editions of those issues of The Space Gamer can be purchased from Warehouse 23, and W23 also has a free download of the Flare Star adventure.

Flare Star is also on on the FFE GURPS Traveller CD 1 (People). It does not acknowledge the prior publication of the adventures under the Marischal imprint.