[Freelance Traveller] January/February 2023 Issue is Posted!


Cosmic Mongoose
The January/February 2023 issue of Freelance Traveller is posted for download!

This issue's featured articles - there are three - are Greg Caires's work that was played at TravellerCON/USA 2022 under the title "Stranger Things".
You get the adventure itself ("The Pendente School for Exceptionally Talented Juveniles"), a character generation article ("Character Generation for Juveniles"), and "Alternate Psionics Rules for Traveller".

Paul Drye's aliens from Cepheus Journal, the Kosrans, also appear here, as does the first chapter of Jo Jaquinta's novel, _The Astoundingly True Tale of José Fabuloso_. We also have the usual eclectic combination of reviews, rules, animals, adventures, and so on; download, share, and enjoy!

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