Darklords and the Darklands book?


I've got a question to August and the guys:

Are all the darklord stats and info going to be in the core rulebook? Will there be pictures of all of them?! I'd love to see pics!

If not, will this be in the Darklands book? When is its release date? Will it be the end of June?

Mongoose August said:
The Darklords are in the Darklands book, stats and all. Be afraid...

Be very afraid....


oh yeah...I'm afraid...I'm afraid for my players when they have confrontations :twisted:
Hey August, any mentioning of the "effects" the physical appearance of the Darklords have on the human mind, or are we chalking up those descriptions in the novels as bunk?
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! You guys rock. No, seriously.

Hehehe. My players think they can take a Darklord..we'll see...

just remembering my party attacking a mighty wizard

"come on guys we have initiative"

few moments later.....

new characters were created for my group

darklords rulez
T...take a Darklord? ... With what??

Aren't there any ... damage-dealing devices of a rather ... special nature required for that kind of task?

Or do they have a Sommerswerd they can drop? :D (Okay, a probably rather obscure running gag from the Project Aon forum ... *g*)

Paido, who wouldn't even go near a Darklord with his trusty blue-steel blade :wink:
You can always use the dagger of Vashna but you'll first have to find it. Helshezag should work as well but of course, you'll have to convince Kraagenskull to lend it/him/her to you. He's a gentledarklord, I'm sure it'll be his pleasure.
Anonymous said:
You can always use [...]

In the game books, sure, but somehow I can't imagine that Sunwolf's players are already counting on finding these items ...

Are they, Sunwolf? :shock:

The guys I play with are a bit too confident. So I plan on wooping them with a darklord to keep them in line. They're the kinda guys who won't know when to run away. They just keep fighting till they're dead.

The only problem is that I can't see any of the darklords letting them get away. I think if they attack a Darklord it is time to say goodnight...

I cannot wait to use the Helghast and the Vordak against my players... *chuckles evilly at the hellghast shapeshifters*

Just to say, if you don't ever intend your players to go up against the dark lords and win, there would be little point in buying the darklands book. :) You wont need stats at all if there are going to be unkillable npc's.

If your players want to go up and kill a few darklords, let them do it, after they are strong enough. Otherwise, make sure they get their hand on a sommerswred or something (LW got his when he was level 6).

Its all about fun anyway; no one is going to care about the continuity in your game except you.
"A" sommerswerd? Isn't it supposed to be unique? Well, if you allow your players to kill a darklord, you are going to ignore the future timeline, so i guess you can send them to Hammerdal with the seal and get the Sommerswerd.
Anyway, I don't think that having the Darklord's stats implies that your players have to kill them. They can have an encounter, and then run away as soon as they realize they're fighting a battle against an opponent which is far beyond their possibilities.
Here is something that I thought about,

by book 12 there are only a finite number of darklords that were killed. Some are just generic ones that are mentioned in lists but there is nothing said about how they died. We can assume that they died when lone wolf destroyed Helgedad and the device that let them survive outside the darklands.

Basically, as far as i'll allow them to go is maybe kill a generic darklord that doesn't have that much to do with the existing Lone Wolf plotline. of course, this would not be allowed until they reach epic lvls.

Most likely i'll prob. just invent ancient evil *fill in blank* that was a servant of *Agarash or Naar* who would be a major villian from the ancient past to be a major villian that they could possibly some day kill.

MongooseIan3.5 said:
All Darklords have a CR in excess of 25...

Wow that means that the weakest Darklord is stronger than a Balor (CR 20) and we all know that Balors rule the Tanar'ka brood in the Abyss.
wayward_sage said:
The guys I play with are a bit too confident. So I plan on wooping them with a darklord to keep them in line. They're the kinda guys who won't know when to run away. They just keep fighting till they're dead.

Hee hee. (puts away EVIL GM mask...) :twisted:

It sounds like your group suffers from the same syndrome mine does. They don't ever run away, no matter what. How about it everyone, are these isolated incidents or what?
Run away from combat? Hell, it was a major point in my last storyarc for 3.5 - three level 12 charcaters went into a cavern supposedly beset by a clutch (as in MULTIPLE) Shadow Dragons. I let the players catch the beasties sleeping so to afford them a way out, so they could come back later (there were still a few story elements I had placed for this scene), BUT NO! The rogue/barbarian in the group sneaks behind the biggest on (a CR 17 - I forget which age cat) and tries to Sneak Attack it. He got a Crit, and the melee engaged.

After they lost two characters, the barbarian/rogue rages, and manages to polish off the remaining Dragons (three solo kills - all flat-out luck of the dice, I swear!) whereafter his Rage ends him with only a single HP...

Needless to say, the party sat for a while before everyone could be rez'ed...

All because the group thought "hey, we can take 'em." and they didn't take the hint to run. Geeze, if only my dice would love me as much as they loved Matt's Rogue/Barbarian....

An interesting postscript to this story is that they tracked down an Ancient Red (you read that right) at 15 level, and they assume it's there for them to fight....

Fancy dice rolls WON'T save them this weekend...