Cybernet - Opposed Checks


CalicoDave with a Question said:
In the Web chapter, there are a few instances where the rules specify an opposed check but then goes on to give a DC for the check. How does this work? I thought that an opposed check was both sides rolling the appropriate skill check the the higher winning (e.g. Spot vs Hide). This type of opposed check is listed for getting out of the web, for the Cloak and Clone programs, and for the Program Hack action. There doesn't seem to be a variable on the server side, just Security Rating.

Also, in the first example, on page 230, in the paragraph on hack actions it says that the server gets a +10 to oppose the hack action. Where does this come from? The section on Program Hack says it's the user's Computer Use vs the Security Rating of the server, in this case 18. So shouldn't this just be Hellcat's Computer Use of +17 vs a DC 18?

Mongoose August with the answer said:
Ah... A question about one of the finer points of an opposed roll.

In this case (and in any case in Cybernet or any other d20 product that I know of), when a DC is listed for an opposed check, it means the minimum possible roll on the part of the character attempting it to succeed in the first place.

This, even if a check is opposed but also gives a DC of 18, it means that no matter how poorly the opposer (in this case, the server) rolls, Hellcat still has to get a total check of 18 or better to have any chance of success. (Of course, with a +17, this should not be too hard.)

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