Vehicles, Starships, and Dogfighting


Banded Mongoose
Sorry if this has been asked before.

Questions about vehicles, starships, and dogfighting.

1. In the 2022 Core Update, it says that vehicles can dogfight if within one range band of each other and within 1km of each other. Ok, this is simply a vehicle action where pilots make an opposed skill check to gain a DM+2/DM-2 against each other. I'm assuming combat is still the same with one player taking his or her Significant and Minor action?

2. Does vehicle combat only use the personal combat modifiers on page 74?

3. When vehicles and/or starships start dogfighting, starting on page 173, it says now we're in 6 sec rounds instead of 6 min rounds. Ok, again, is this dogfighting making a skill check to see which side gains a DM+2/DM-2 to their attacks, right, using the modifiers on page 174, nothing more?

4. Finally, it says that dogfighting starships use the combat rules on page 138 instead of on page 164 - but..what's the difference in combat modes? Does dogfighting only allow each side to take one significant action and one minor action as opposed to the 6 min round Maneuver, Attack, and Action steps?

Thank you!
1. Yes, note that firing arcs are restricted.

3. Yes, note that is't a skill check, so anything that affects skills or skill checks apply.

4. A bit fuzzy. I would use space combat actions, one action per crew member (as usual).
Energy generated from power plants is a continuous pool that's gathered over six minutes, and latency counts, if an action takes longer than six seconds.

Micro accelerations.