Cybernet - how is it/content summary?



As a new fan of D20 Modern, I'm looking at the feasibility of converting my existing sci-fi campaign to D20M. I know D20 Future is coming out but August is a long way off. OGL Cybernet seems well done from the previews. I know parts of the D20 Modern rulebook (or the SRD) will be reprinted, but I haven't found a detailed overview or review of the content.

Before I plunk down $40, I'm hoping someone can post their opinion on the book or give a breakdown of the chapters (I'd bite the bullet, but I've never purchased a Mongoose product before, so I have not idea what to expect from their products). In particular, I'm curious how computers and biotechnology are handled.


Someone else might be a little more suited to do a chapter by chapter description as I dont have the book with me right now, but I can tell you my opinion.

Overall the book is fairly good, there are a few (quite a few in fact) spelling mistakes, printing errors and in a couple of cases text compleatly missing from the book (at least one or two vital feats at least).

Bad stuff asside, the book covers cybernetics and hacking (in the cyberpunk sense of the word. So there are rules for 'jacking in' to a fully immersive cyberspace environment) along with equipment, weapons, vehicles and narcotics (but I note there are no stats for the cool looking police jet on the vehicles page :p). The material here is excellent, covering almost everything you'll need for a campaign.

I dont think biotechnology is covered and there arent as many cybernetic implants as I'd have liked (The story that runs through the book mentions one of the characters having 'memory glasses' but never gives you stats or a price for them). But these are really just minor shortcomings and nothing that couldnt be fixed with a little work and some homebrew rules.

So if you can get over the fact that there is some missing text (and plenty of spelling errors) then this book is a good buy. There is an FAQ out that fills in the missing feats and clarifies several rules. The only other thing missing is any setting material, but if you are converting your own campaign I dont think thats going to be a problem.

I like the book as far as content. It has everything you need (now that the FAQ is out) to run a Cybernet game. Most D20 players already know the rules, a few tweeks, and modifications to the way you think, and bam your ready to play.

The limited biotech is a bit of a catch, but with my old 2020 books lying around, it is cake to switch items over. Old concepts for 2020 characters work fine with D20. Limited firearms, but D20 modern supplements take up the slack, and various martial arts supplemtents that are D20 compatable take care of hand to hand styles.

One catch that I still have with the system is the fact that everything in the 'Web' or 'Net' takes place in a matter of seconds. Thus forcing the netrunner to sit and wait on the party, or vice versa.

Using Cybernet as a base though, you can harness the broad range of rules and D20 supplements on the market to create any type of charater you want walking around in the dark future.

my 2 cents
psyclonejack said:
The limited biotech is a bit of a catch, but with my old 2020 <a href="" onmouseover="window.status = 'goto: books';return 1" onmouseout="window.status=''">books</a> lying around, it is cake to switch items over. Old concepts for 2020 characters work fine with D20.
Speaking of which, do you have any recommendations? It's been too long since Iplayd 2020

- Sonny
Recommendations of Books? Or of Biotech?

The chrome books are huge, 4 originally, but they republished them as 1/2 and 3/4 later. I could almost see Mongoose publishing a Cybernet supplement called 'Full Chrome and Electric Speed' That way that could put all the chrome books into one, as well as taking the brainware blowout books 1 and 2 and put them in with for all the web heads.

Solo of fortune books are okay, but alot of the weapons are for full borg converts so you basic party isn't going to need them.

The class books are okay, but nothing special. Sure they help build a better fixer, or cop, or nomad, but overall a bit skimpy on the extras.

Course I can't complain, bought all mine on clearence for 2 dollars a pop.