Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund Benefit Book


Posted by Dennis McHaney over at Innercircle and being passed on as
requested. If you can help out in some way please do so.


Contribute to the Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund . Further details at

>A couple of weeks ago, I e mailed Paul Herman and asked him if he'd
> be interested in a booklet of some of the poetry that was scheduled
> to be read at the Howard 100th Birthday Bash at The Black Dog
> Tavern. He jumped on that like a vampire bat on a hemorrhaging
> hemophiliac.
> I was working on that and trying to think of some other way I could
> possibly help the folks in Cross Plains. Why just do a booklet?
> Why not a benefit book for the Fire Relief Fund?
> The next day, I sent a message through the REHupa e mail group that
> only got a couple of immediate responses. The first two guys to
> jump up to contribute were Bill Cavalier and David Burton. Thanks,
> guys, I appreciate the quick response.
> Then I e mailed a number of individuals. Glenn Lord, Don Herron,
> Rusty Burke and Patrice Louinet were quick to respond. A second e
> mail to the REHupa group, this time chastising them for their
> shyness about expanding the readership for their intense Howard
> studies, brought in more of my old brothers into the project, and
> after another week of private e mails, more have joined in, and I
> have the beginnings of a terrific volume of articles and other
> material on Robert E. Howard for the purpose of a benefit volume,
> the profits going to the Fire Relief Fund for Cross Plains, Texas.
> Now that I know that there is sufficient support for this project, I
> am announcing it to the internet public, in hopes of gaining more
> support and more contributions. I am looking for articles,
> bibliographic reference pieces, or other material related to Robert
> E. Howard. This does not necessarily have to be new material. If
> you have written something for an apa or a fanzine, something that
> you feel deserves a wider readership, please consider having your
> work included in this publication.
> I'm not interested in fan fiction or art. The book will be
> illustrated, but probably not as liberally as most of the
> publications I've done in the past.
> I know there are professional writers and artist in this internet
> group. Your names would lend support and further credibility to
> this project, and I sincerely hope you can find the time to
> contribute to this worthy cause. All topics related to Howard are
> welcome - comics, films, etc.
> If you are a contributor to any current Howard fanzine, small press
> journal, or involved in any type of Howard research project, you
> need to be in this book. Every corner of the Howard related world
> should be represented.
> If any of you have reservations about involving yourself in a
> project with ME, because of any personal issues, you should put that
> aside. This is not about me or for me - it is about Robert E.
> Howard and it is for Cross Plains.
> If you are not a writer, or an artist, if you just care about Cross
> Plains, if you have ever gone to Howard Days at Cross Plains, but
> you would still like to contribute, then you can do so in the Cross
> Plains Memories Section of the Book. For that , I need quotes , a
> few sentences or a couple of paragraphs, about what Cross Plains
> means to you, how attending the festivities have affected you, etc.
> That will be a really nice section, and will demonstrate to Cross
> Plains just what we think of them, and how much we love visiting
> there each year.
> Now for the Business end of this book. It will be available on line
> in hardback and paperback from I will make arrangements
> for some other direct mail order set-up for the book, possibly with
> Project Pride in Cross Plains.
> All royalties, profits, etc. for this book will be paid into the
> Paypal Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund set up by Bill Cavalier. Since
> I will be donating all the pre-press production work for this book,
> there will be no expenses or deductions from the sale price of the
> book. Everything will go to Cross Plains.
> I am going to publicize this project as much as possible. It is a
> worthy cause, and this is already shaping up to be a worthwhile
> book, and I'm still adding to the contributors.
> If you are interested in being involved in this fund raising
> project, please e mail me at my new address,
> If you want to contribute to the Cross Plains Memories quotes
> section, send your quotes to the same address, along with your real
> name and city, so that you can get credit for it in the book.
> Unfortunately, I have a tight deadline for this project. I can't
> wait for your contributions for six months. Cross Plains needs help
> now! So, I need any material for this book around the middle of
> February. If you want to contribute but have something that might
> take longer, I can extend that deadline another week or so, but we
> need to get the ball rolling on this.
> If you have any questions about this contact me at the e mail
> address above or through the group.
> This is a great opportunity to show the people of Cross Plains what
> great folks Howard fans are, and help out a very deserving community
> that needs our help.
> Please circulate this plea for assistance with other email groups,
> web discussion groups, etc.
> Dennis McHaney