Collecting fleets

How many painted fleets do you have?

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Hi all

Another question struck me, how many fleets of figures do people collect?

I've ended up with six fleets so far, and a seventh on the way, but then I'm the only one collecting figures in our group, so I'm providing all the figures for our games.

What about the rest of you?
You don't have an option for 0 painted fleets there. :lol:

But I have an almost complete Narn fleet. I just need to order a Dag'Kar and four Ka'Tocs(bringing me up to six) and my Narn fleet will be complete other than the Armageddon ships. Eventually I'll probably get one Ka'Bin'Tak and one G'Vrann after Mongoose releases them just for completeness sake but they aren't high priority.

I've begun a Centauri fleet(just the fleet box at this moment) which I'll be expanding once I acquire the Narn ships I mentioned.
I have 2 fleets painted by myself, Narn and Brakiri, and a Drakh fleet being painted by Wing commander and whetever kids he pressgangs to help from the shop! I thinik he realised if he left me to it, they would never be done before the big event on saturday!
Probably won't get any more fleets, getting a bit concerned about mongoose and the way the game is heading :-(
It may not be quite painted for the big Game on Saturday..... mostly painted already but I've been sidetracked by a load of small heavily armoured blokes with beards...
Wing Commander said:
It may not be quite painted for the big Game on Saturday..... mostly painted already but I've been sidetracked by a load of small heavily armoured blokes with beards...
Dwarves or Chaos Dwarves?
Though its going to pale, compared to some members (LBH in mind);)


1 Explorer
2 Hermes
1 Apollo
3 Sag
4 Chronos
2 Orestes
2 Oracles
4 Delphi
1 Warlock
1 Shadow Omega
2 Omegas
4 Hyperions
6 Tethys
1 Avenger
1 Poseidon
2 Liners
4 Freighters
2 Tankers
1 Nova
2 Olympus
2 Artemis
1 B5
1 Orion

18 Tbolt stands
27 S/Furies Stands


2 HC
4 LC
4 Dest
8 Tpts
18 Fighters

6 Katocs
6 G'Kariths
2 Thentus
1 Varnic
2 Shokar
1 Listening post
4 G'Quan
1 Bintak
4 Shokos
2 Tloth
1 Rongoth
3 Dag Kar
8 Frazi Stands
3 Stands of Gorith


3 Sharlin warcruisers
4 Tinashi war frigate
2 Tigara attack cruiser
1 Neshatan gunship
1 Morshin
2 Troligan
3 Leshath
6 Torotha
6 Nial Stands
2 Flyers Stands

All but the Mimbari are painted...go on Burger, bite :p

Ok, I think thats about it. I might get an ISA fleet next ;)
Painted fleets you say. That would be 0.

However I have started painting my Minbari (2 Neshatans, Morshin and a Sharlin between undercoat and 'ink' washed. I have also started carving the rest of the fleet from the assorted lumps of lead that Mongoose sent me. I figured I'd put it off long enough.

So (its really top heavy),
2 Neshatan
5 Sharlin
4 Tinashi
1 Morshin
3 Tigara
1 Leshath

Sopme fighters. No idea how many I will get out of the mess. I figure counters are fine for this.
Most of my models are of the old AoG vintage, so I've had quite a head start on painting them.

Narn 95% Painted
Earth Alliance 90% Painted
Drazi 100% Painted
Vree 100% Painted
Brakiri 100% Painted
Shadows 100% Painted
Raiders 95% Painted
Cenaturi 20% Painted
Minbari 20% Painted
ISA all basecoated
Vorlons all basecoated

I also have an assortment of Dilgar, Abbai, and Pak'ma'Rah ships mostly just base coated or not fully assembled as I don't have full fleets yet.
Three fleets painted:

*Shadows (Yeah, black is a hard paint job...)

I have an unpainted EA fleet on hold until 'A' is out.

I have the 'Big 5' fleet boxes and some Raider Delta Vs and sundry other ships from the EA and Minbo including their reinforcement boxes.

So I'd have to say 5 fleets (unpainted)

All ACTA-scale ships, fully painted:
Raiders (plus Argent's Crusaders and Ghosts of Omelos Ships)
Vree (a small fleet, only 3 Battle's worth)

I think that about covers it...