Cold Equations and Ragged Edge


I've got a hankering for buying some B5 adventures, and I was thinking about these two - I have £40 to spend and £15 is going on the Starship Troopers RPG, so that's £25 left. Are these campaigns good? Or should I get something else?
They are good. I would reccomend "The Fiery Trial" and "Into the Crucible" as well, but maybe once the conversion pdf comes out.

I'm sure Matt said that one of them is low stock and likely won't be reprinted, might be an idea to pick it up before then.

Ah yes, here's the post:

It is the Fiery Trial (The Season 1 campaign) that is on low stock warning as of 8th May this year.

Ah, I might have to buy that with real money.

EDIT: Oooh, it's by Agent 1, I most definitely have to buy that.
Well if you do come over to Bristol for that tour we talked about I can give you a tour of my B5 RPG collection, but no drooling!

"Usual vault rules apply, touch not, lest ye be touched!"

No drooling? But that's half the fun :?

Awesome. I will have so much fun at MGT with their collection, they don't have a "no drooling" rule! :p