Cities of Legend: Stormhaven update.


Cosmic Mongoose
Right-o, the bulk text is done.

Left to do:

  • NPC stat blocks, of which there are many, including new race entries, most of which will come from existing Mongoose IP.
  • Check formatting is per the style guide and update chapter references.
  • Email Word docs to Matt
Hi Legendites,

Here is a WIP draft of one of the NPC's, in D&D parlance a multi-classed Sorcerer 2/Wizard 18.

Gretchen VanFleet

Value 1D20 Hit Location AP/HP
STR 11 1-3 Right Leg —/5
CON 11 4-6 Left Leg —/5
SIZ 12 7-9 Abdomen —/6
INT 26 10-12 Chest —/7
POW 16 13-15 Right Arm —/4
DEX 15 16-18 Left Arm —/4
CHA 18 19-20 Head —/5

Combat Actions 4
Armour: None
Damage Modifier —
Magic Points 16
Traits: None
Movement 8
Strike Rank 21

Skills: Athletics 56%, Courtesy 74%, Culture (Own) 82%, Dance 63%, Evade 60%, Evaluate 94%, Influence 86%, Insight 77%, Lore (Elementals) 92%, Lore (Stormhaven) 87%, Perception 72%, Persistence 112%, Resilience 52%, Ride 61%, Streetwise 70%, Swim 52%, Unarmed 26%
Magic: Common Magic 100%, Sorcery (Spellwatch Grimoire) 118%, Manipulation 108%
Gretchen, over the centuries, has learnt every Common Magic Spell. Those with the Progressive trait she has learnt at Magnitude 9, her maximum.

Spellwatch Grimoire, this is Stormhaven’s magical defence grimoire: Abjure (Air), Attract (Missiles), Banish, Castback, Damage Enhancement, Damage Resistance, Enhance (STR), Enhance (DEX), Fly, Haste, Holdfast, Neutralise Magic, Palsy, Protective Ward, Teleport, Wrack.

Type Range Size Reach Damage Combat Manouvre AP/HP Load
Rapier — M L 1D8+5* Impale 3/8
Buckler — M S 1D3 — 5/8
Light Crossbow 100m H — 1D8 Impale 4/5 2

Combat Styles: Noble House (1H Sword & Shield) 69% (94%*), Ranged Defence (Light Crossbow) 73%
Possessions: Exsanguinator*, Rapier enchanted with Bladesharp 5, only usable by Gretchen;
Tactics: Though no slouch in a fight, Gretchen much prefers to utilise her magic. Dependant on the situation, she (and other members of the Spellwatch) will usually cast Damage Enhancement, Damage Resistance and Enhance (STR) via the Combine manipulation on nearby allies and herself. If the enemy is utilising archers or crossbowmen, she casts Attract (Missiles) on enemy commanders and sorcerers (if she can identify them). If she has sufficient Magic Points remaining she starts casting damaging spells, starting with Wrack, then Palsy.