Witchers of Legend- A fan-project (UPDATED)


Wow, I can't believe it's been almost 4 months since I last posted on this topic. :shock:

Despite the stresses of having a job and trying to make ends meet, I am very pleased to announce that I do in fact have a major update. I have completed the first working draft of my Alchemy system which I will post here and in the original post.


I'm very eager to hear your criticism or comments regarding this system and how it could be improved.

I've also got some information about religion in the Northern Kingdoms which is very interesting. I did, in fact start playing through the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and in that game the characters often refer to "the Forefather" and "the Mother Creatrix." Based on what I have learned in my research is that the goddess Freya is the one and the same goddess from Norse mythology and consequently is probably the Mother Creatrix because Freya is a goddess of fertility. Likewise, finding out that Kreve's title is "the Forefather" does give a little insight, but sadly we still know next to nothing about the Cult of Kreve. Sapkowski does not go into great detail about priests in the Northern Kingdoms save to point out how corrupt they are.

Also what I have managed to glean is that these three pincipal deities; Freya, Melitele and Kreve, were in fact worshipped by Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings for centuries before the first humans arrived. So very likely what happened is that human religious authorities took over after the First Landing and suppressed any depiction of these gods as anything but human.

Thanks for your continued support.


I am very interested in this project and reading through it now. While all of what you've written looks interesting, remember not to make witchers better at magic themselves. I know it usually goes without saying, but I've seen some people do this wrong. If there is any way I can be of assistance though, just tell me, what you're doing here is great and I want this project to succeed.

This is edited in, but if you're interested in other ways to handle magic, I've figured out a basic outline for something a little different. thought this should be brought up, because there are a number of problems with the legend system in relation to the setting of The Witcher. First is the fact that witcher signs are instant, unlike the common magic in Legend. Sorcery in Legend is nothing like sorcery in The Witcher, and same could be said of divine magic. I have outlined bellow a system that I think is a bit more true to the setting. That said it is a rough draft, but with a little time, it could be quite nice.

Hanszurcher mentioned Talislanta and I thought I would check that out. Once I read it, I found it would be a very efficient way to apply magic to a witcher RPG. Here is what I am thinking. There would be three "orders" (how a mage casts a spell) the mages, the druids, and the priests, I'll cover witchers in a moment.

Mages would be able to have no bonuses and no penalties, or be able to choose a specialty mode (spell type, such as attack or conjuration) but take penalties to all other modes. Priests would be able to cast more spells from memory without resting, but can only cast spells from memory, as they don't see what they do as spells, but gifts from their god. Druids would have a bonus to all spells when closer to nature, but a penalty to all spells when in more urbanized areas.

The way I figure witchers would work is that each sign would be like its own mode (a bit easier to improve most likely, but the system still needs testing, so not entirely sure). Witchers would need a hand free to cast a sign, and would start with one sign already available to them. I am toying around with the notion of giving them more casts before they take a penalty, but again, I am not so sure.

This whole thing is something I just whipped up, and I am going to look into refining it, but I figured I would post my base plan here and see what people thought.


I'm impressed anyone is still posting in this thread. I really do appreciate your interest, Dracian. It's nice to see fellow Witcher fans on this board.

I am interested in your input on spellcasters. Part of the reason I have put this project on hiatus is because of the difficulty of reconciling the setting with the Runequest/Legend setting. I am hesitant to use the ideas you came up with because they do seem too much like Dungeons and Dragons. I will definately research Talislanta. In fact, I may end up using it instead of Legend.

In the mean time, I do appreciate your input and I'm eager to hear more.


Hello Torque2100

Very impressive work you have here. Do you have a more current update to the Countries. What you did with Aedirn was very very good. Certainly better than anything I've written or seen.

Could I please have a copy of your countries chapter. I and my players would find it indispensable for our games.

I was working on a Savage Worlds conversion but our group just switched to Bare Bones Fantasy, which is proving to be a perfect fit. Other than Lore, which I only have from reading english books, playing the computer games and the wiki there isn't alot. What you have is pure gold!

Jim at explodingdice.com


Hey, is this project moving anywhere at all? I'm really keen to play a Tabletop Witcher RPG, so is there any news?

If you've abandoned the project, would you be able to upload everything you have so far so I can continue and finish your work? Thanks! :D