The Spider God's Bride - A Mini Review

Yeah - Prime_Evil, that is the trick. I come from a lot of systems, from the finer grain, and then the wider picture (say like Savage Worlds). I see Legend as being fairly rules lite in that respect, but modular enough that a skill like Intimidate could fit in without breaking a sweat. I'm not sure where in SGB we'd include it though, unless I pitch it as a new skill in the book.

Now if someone with the PDF could give me a good page number to slot Intimidate in, then I reckon I should be able to pitch that in an email to Matt as part of the document. Unless he sees it here and chimes in.

It really is down to the scope of the book and what I'm allowed to fix. Obviously, Magic, NPCs and some of the monsters (I feel the dogs, the Blood Golem and the Haunt are OK in Necros Knife myself). I see that there are problems with the player sections and so forth from the reviews, but I've not been asked to go in and fix the player bits or cultures.

If SGB2 (Song of the Beast Gods) is on the cards at some point. I'll be doing that one direct from d20->Legend myself.
I've been wondering what somebody who hasn't seen the d20 version would make of the Legend version. I suspect that they'd probably be impressed with the adventures themselves...
To be honest I never noticed that the stat-blocks were dodgy (my plan was to run this under the Stormbringer system anyway) - my problems were with the adventures.

Have people here actually run the adventures themselves?

When I first read through the book I thought it was awesome. So much so that I had to run a few of the adventures ASAP. So I sat down to do the Prep work, and a couple of hours later just gave up.

I have bought the whole Pendragon and Stormbringer back-catalogue off Drivethru so I am no stranger to adventures needing a little modding here and there but... there was just so much in SGB that just didn't make sense to me: too many "how are the players supposed to figure this out", "what happens if they do this instead", "what is supposed to happen here" etc

It got to the stage where it seemed to be less effort to write my own versions from scratch. So I abandoned any attempt to run SGB and decided to go homebrew instead... (I suppose if I sell my campaign under the OGL for $1 and 18 people buy it then at least I've got my money back... :roll: )

Dunno maybe it is just me being used to 'old school' adventures or something...? :?

Any thoughts appreciated.
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