Box set?


Any word on the box set that was being talked about at all? I was very interested in it... I know nothing was set in concrete, but is it still something you guys are considering doing?
msprange said:
Still considering, certainly!

Well I hope you do it, I think a box set with all the world setting info and some minis or something like that would sell a lot better. The setting has SO much potential, I only own the Earth: 2089 book but I thought it was fantastic. Maybe if you update the rulebooks to 3.5, throw in some maps and minis/cardboard minis and sell it in a nice box it will wake up people to how much potential the setting has.

Of course, the graphic novels may do just that too *Hint hint* :)
Hi, everybody!
I totally agree with spawn - A2089 is one of those sf universes, which have a great potential......the question is: what can we do with this great foundation.
I enjoyed the idea of a big box set - including some source and rulebooks and a technical readout detailing all those new warmeks (more stealth warmeks and more recognisable designs ) and cardboard minis. :p
Yep I agree, if everything was updated to 3.5 and the setting and rulebooks were included I think the interest would be a lot greater. I hope it happens because the setting deserves more attention than it has gotten so far. Its far more gritty and down to earth than most other SF settings, which is what I like about it.
Hi, Mr. Spawn! :p

I totally agree with you about the box set, but I`m speaking about a boxset for a miniatures wargame - I think that the complexity of the current A2089 RPG scared away many Classic Battletech fans. The scenario itself - future warfare with a realistic touch - is great and I`m sure that changing the game system (miniatures wargame like Call to Arms) and altering the scenario (from cold war to hot crisis) with new creative, recognisable warmeks will make this universe a great sucess.......
Actually I agree, a miniature boxset would be much better as its a lot easier to work with complex rules when you have maps and minis to visualize everything. Making them in plastic would be better, the more minis in the set the better IMHO.

Though I disagree about altering the setting from cold war to all out war. Cold war has so much more available to it when it comes to story and campaigns, whereas all out war has only one ending, we would all be dead from nuclear weapons.

Besides, theres nothing to stop GMs moving it to all out war themselves, but I think it would work much better if the actual setting books dealt with it as if it was a cold war, with alliances, governments and corporations all doing deals, in between skirmishes and larger wars.
Hi, Spawn!!

The most important thing for the new A2089 game is development. A technical/story timeline should be established (like MW:Dark Age) First of all only weak warmeks should be published - after a while - a box set with new, fast and more dangerous warmeks should be thrown on the market (perhaps new multi legged platforms). As I mentioned it before - a new boxset should have a certain topic (Prototypes / 0 gravity warmeks for Moon, Mars or Venus/U-meks for landing operations or fighting under surface).
Collectors like me will buy them all!!!!!!!
spawn said:
Actually I agree, a miniature boxset would be much better as its a lot easier to work with complex rules when you have maps and minis to visualize everything. Making them in plastic would be better, the more minis in the set the better IMHO.
Apparently, metal minis are cheaper to produce than plastic ones. Something to do with the mold...
In short, I would be surprised if we'd see any plastic mechs.
As a point of fact, we would be looking to put plastic minis in the main box set at least :)

Whether that would continue, well, we would just have to see. . .
Well plastic or metal, minis encourage play moreso than cardboard (IMHO) and give a better perceived value as well, so I hope they put them in :)
Hello everybody !

Personally I'm a great fan of wargames (warhammer, Wizkids-games), so I'm really looking forward to the wargames of Mongoose. The Starshiptroopers and Babylon 5 games look fantastic and I will buy them, but I'm most thrilled about the upcoming A:2089-miniatures-war-game. So I would like to tell you, what I want to see in the basis box:
Firstly there have to be really awesome Plastic miniatures of the warmachines (enough for two players to start a medium sized battle).
Second source materials - I want background information about the warmachines, factions and current story - as it was already mentioned there has to be development: technically and storywise to keep the community excited and growing.
Last but not least the heart of the game - the RULES. They must be easy to learn, simple to understand, but also incredibly deep and complex (think about chess, MW:Dark Age or the computer games from Blizzard Entertainment - these are really good examples, how these attributes can be merged perfectly).

Finally good luck to you, I hope you think about my suggestions!
Okay, this is probably UK-specific, so I apologize to everyone else for this :)

I believe a boxed set with a rulebook inside attracts VAT (sales tax, for everyone else) on the full price (minis and book), while we get books VAT-free in the UK.

So please, for those of us in the UK, can you ensure that the miniatures and book(s) are available seperately so we can save that little bit of cash from ending up in the taxman's pocket? :)
Hi, Team Mongoose!

Someone mentioned the idea of extending the A2089 to the Moon/Mars/Venus...!
Are there still such considerations (0 gravity battlefields, 0 gravity warmeks like the IPEX Starscream Orital Patrol Mek)
It sounds like its moving away from simple Earth warfare then?

Not that it matters I guess, I can just keep the game limited to Earth and forget the rest, going to the moon and Venus etc. seems a bit too advanced for 2089 :)
I think the concept of war-zones off-Earth works well to keep the 'hot war' players happy - if you look at European colonialism you can see a number of examples where the countries themselves avoided going beyond a cold war but fighting between them in colonies could become intense while they tried to preserve the stability of Europe itself. For example, the French and English fought in North America, England and Spain fought in the Carribean, the most of Europe decided to gain from the 'Scramble for Africa'. On top of that you can easily have colonies striking for independance (the New Boston Tea Party) and each of these are going to need protection...

The biggest problem I see is trying to allow this while stopping the game turn into 'regular sci-fi'. If you are going to fight huge pilot-driven mechs across arid landscapes in all out war you might as well set up a Zoids campaign (the original one, not what the current generation watch!)...
Hi, DyN

I like your idea of a "Boston Tea Party".....colonies will need first of all mercenary units to protect their newly independence from getting crushed by their motherlands. Later they will establish their own warmek industry in order to build up their forces....

Moon or Mars colonies will give the A2089 universe the chance to have a cold and a hot war....., without destroying Earth. Like in the age of Imperialism all those great powers (Tiger Combine, EF, US, Russia-Manchuria, India,Zhong Guo) will struggle for dominance on the Moon or Mars.