Traveller Starter Set vs Core Rulebook pre-career education


The Starter Set (2020 edition) does not match the Core Rulebook (2021) in the pre-career education section. The target numbers and benefits do not match, which caused quite a bit of confusion between my players when we sat down last weekend to create characters. Half of them have never played traveller, but they all had the Core book and I, the GM, had the Starter Set.
(Starter Set p14-15) University Entry EDU 7+, (Core Rulebook p16) University Entry Edu 6+ and there are other differences; graduation target, graduation benefits. Similar discrepancies with Military Academy. I was able to skim through the careers and didn't notice any other differences. We went with Core Rulebook rules since it is the newest version.

I'm sure you have better access to these documents and can find any differences better than I can. I work in software QA, and know very well we humans make mistakes. I understand that revising entire books is a challenge with respect to graphics & layout, but I hope you can send out PDF updates or errata soon to clarify and unify the system. Thank you!

P.S. I've been playing Traveller since the 1980s, have over 50 little black books and supplements, and love how you've simplified and streamlined the rules for character creation and skills.
The starter set, hasnt been updated to the CRB '22 version. So of course there are differences. The starter set, isnt intented to be used as primary referenced for the GM. Thats what the CRB is for. And the CRB'22 being the most recent is the most authoritive.