Behind the Claw (2e) vs. Spinward Marches (1e)


The old Spinward Marches book from the Third Imperium series for MgT1e was, as far as I remember (I don't own it), fairly self contained. It comprised an introductory section giving a brief over view over Third Imperium including about paragraph each about dating system, currency, languages, and Travellers. It further comprised a short overview over the Third Imperium's most prominent Megacorporations, the imperial nobility etc.

I recently got Behind the Claw for MgT2e in the hopes of getting a similarly self contained introduction. However, the introductory section has been cut down considerably (from 26 pages according to the toc of Spinward Marches down to about 5 pages in Behind the Claw). Where has all that material gone? I imagine Mongoose didn't just cut it from the line completely given that much of the material in Behind the Claw seems recycled form the earlier book. Has that material been moved to the Third Imperium Sourcebook perhaps?


Cosmic Mongoose
Sword Worlds had a similar treatment. Some things expanded, others contracted. I use the info from both, and any other sources I find.


Banded Mongoose
I also refer to both editions. For example, Deneb Sector native species. 1E advantage: more information on most, expanded details on some of the biologies and homeworlds; 2E advantage: colourful art.

Given that Spinward Marches and Deneb went into Behind the Claw, while Solomani Rim and Alpha Crucis went into Solomani Front, Trojan Reach is in Pirates of Drinax, and Reft ended up as part of the Great Rift, that leaves Ziafrplians and Gvurrdon from first edition material still to be worked in. Will we see the former in the Zhodani Consulate book, I wonder (as Third Imperium gave us Core) or will that give us Zhdant Sector instead?