Babylon 5 Ship stats for Silhouette


I´m trying to convert the RPG Babylon 5 stats to DP9´s Silhouette stats.

If somebody is interested I can send him my first results per e-mail, and we can discuss the stats. :)
I´ve no Hompage, where I can put the datas, but I try to find one.
Nice job!

I did look at the silouette system for my RPG space combat but could never be bothered to put the work into conversions!

I´ve now converted some more Minbari ships. It´s not all to heavy, espacially if you use Exel or Star Office. But it takes some time.
And it´s not all perfect. :)
Now I´ve added some Centauri & EA Ships.

Are there now comments or new ideas ? :shock:

Or are are stats ok.? :roll: