B5 Main Rulebook Index


I spent an hour or two last night typing this up, it's a more complete and useful index for the main rulebook.

Feel free to download it, post it on your own site, add to it, modify it, etc.

If anyone spots any typos, errors or ommissions, it would be nice to know about them :)
Hey, thanks for sharing your work. It got printed and inserted in my copy. The index has always been the weakest part of the core book for me. I hope they improved it for the second printing. I'm not sure if it's worth getting a second printing just for that, though. :? But the fact that it includes all the errata might just tip me over. :roll:

Too sad we don't have any Son of Sheridan program. No, I'm not jealous...
There's an errata!!???

Nobody told me!

Can anyone direct me to it?

(second right after the Jabberwocky...)
Well it might have been a poor choice of words on my part.
I was referring to the FAQ that clarifies some rules.
Matt stated that the second printing had some rules clarifications, but nothing major.
I've updated it slightly, I added the little green maps that are dotted about the book and also, I forgot to add Yellow Sector (but that's sorted now).

Now to start on The Earth Alliance Fact Book :)


I also reduced the font size to keep it on 5 pages.
Thanks for the update and keep up the good work on the EA sourcebook.
"May the Force be with you, always". Err, I mean "Live long and prosper".
Doh! Oh, well. Whatever. :)