Work on comprehensive index


I have been working on compiling a comprehensive index (of everything that I own, anyway).

For the Core book, I started with something that was posted somewhere and have been adding to it. I am not yet finished.

For everything else, I took what was in the published index (with permission) and added it as-is.

If you see something you would like me to add, feel free to send it via private message (no need to discuss typos on this thread). Or if you're feeling really gung-ho, ask request editing permission.

Nice! I put together an index of the 6 Mongoose JTAS volumes. You are welcome to incorporate it into your index if you want.
I would love to add the JTAS entries, though I'm not entirely sure how they should be listed in an index, which goes by a high level description of the content. The category is too high of a level, the description is often too detailed, and the title doesn't always make the subject clear. Or am I wrong?
You're not wrong. The nature of the material is a little different and I guess mine is more like a global table of contents across all of the JTAS. Still, it seems like it would be good to have them both in one file. Maybe have a second tab, one is "Rulebook Index" and the other is "JTAS ToC"?
I've also compiled a list of the careers, ships and scenarios from MGT1 - it is not an index as such but rather a list of which book those items appear in.

I'll post a link to it when I've tidied it up a bit.