B5 2nd Edition: How to calculate Damage for Beam Weapons



I have a problem with Beam Weapons. How do I calculate the damage a ship suffers from Beam Weaponsafter armor and the additional hits??

Thank you in advance.
Try PMing Reborn, I know he's well up on the B5 2E rules. I'd answer you myself but it's a little inconvenient for me to dig out my 2E book right now.

Just treat the Beam Weapon as a normal weapon, working out total Offence and Damage normally. Blow up the appropriate number of spaces, work out any other effects of damage...then, when all that's done, subtract the Beam roll of the weapon from the target's armour.

For example, an Omega zaps another Omega with its Heavy Laser (Offence 45, Beam 2d6). Total Offence: 45, minus the Omega's Armour of 49=no significant damage. Then, you roll 2d6 for the beam - we'll assume an average score of 7. The Omega's armour is reduced by 7, bringing it down to 42. Next round, the Omega fires the Heavy Laser again - this time, Offence 45-Armour 42=3 whole spaces of damage!

Then the captain remembers to Close For Battle, and can bring all his Close-range weapons into play...