Atlas of the Hyborian World

I would love it if Mongoose came out with such a book. A nice, full colour atlas of all the Hyborian countries, with maps in several scales, with major cities and towns listed, maybe common trade routes, and anything else that would prove useful. There could be an article about each country that included key points.

But what would make a book like this truly great is a detailed path of Conan's career. There should be a path that Conan took on each map, in chronological order, with a reference for each of his adventures. There would have to be a separation of REH (square) and pastiches (circle) though.

Would anyone else like to see a book like this?

Grim Wanderer
Is it? If so, my bad.

To me it seemed that Road of Kings was more like a Fordor's guide. Which is great. I was thinking more along the lines of a Maps of Middle Earth deal, with lots of detail in the maps (shrugs).

Grim Wanderer
I think Grim Wanderer has a nice idea. Kenzer came out with a gorgeous atlas of Kalamar along these lines -- although I think it lacked city maps. Road of Kings will probably be like the FR Campaign Hardover -- better, more detailed maps, and some cities. But we could always use more.
Interesting, but I think Road of Kings will be enough, as well as a "canon" timeline of Conan's actions. The real problem comes down to difficulties in determining when some stories should fit it, making the chronological path thing controversial.
Hey Grim Wanderer,

I'd love this type of a book too, although, as has been pointed out, we'll see some of this in The Road of Kings. I'd love a complete atlas, in the style of the Kingdoms of Kalmar one from Kenzer, but with cities added in.

I am getting very hyped up for The Road of Kings, I want it now! :D