Argos & Zingara with fewer page count?

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Cosmic Mongoose
I just noticed casually that this sourcebook on Argos & Zingara is reported having only 96 pages instead of the usual 200 pages for regional books (though I don't have Stygia yet).

Could I have some confirmation and explanation?
Shem also has only 96 pages.

My fear is that a lot of Vincent's original draft content may not be included in the final version of the book. And by that I mean worthwhile content, not copyandpaste.
I would not worry about the page count change. Its not that big of a deal. I am told my 160 page drafts were cut down to 96 pages for price economy - and that the removed material would show up in S&P.

I don't know what was cut, but I suspect NPCs are out (like Faith and Fervour), the gazetteer portions (either shortened or removed), maps may or may not be cut (as they were in Stygia and Faith & Fervour), and various & sundry tidbits of minor interest, but little gaming application (like a few sections in Stygia). Probably the section on Shemite games will be cut since it was used in Tito's Trading Post (the Stygian games were cut out of Stygia for the same reason, although both were written long before Tito's was assembled).

Since Faith & Fervour used the Shem chapter for the gods, I rewrote the chapter for Shem, and the rewrite was several pages shorter, so I know that is part of the cut, but the uncut original is available in the afore-mentioned book. I also rewrote Shem's gazetteer section to make it shorter - the more detailed cities should appear in S&P.

Anyway, nothing should be lost as I am told the cut portions were retained for S&P usage, and some portions have already appeared in other books (such as Tito's) so I wouldn't worry. I am sure the best of what was written was retained; Mongoose does a good job with the books I write, so I am not concerned. I don't foresee Mongoose removing anything of real value.

Faith & Fervour was written at 160 pages and nothing vital was cut out of it, and it came out at 96 pages. It turned out to be a slick book, I think, and I suspect Argos/Zingara and Shem will be shining examples of well-done editing in the same manner.
If you say it...
Though I would have appreciated if some adventures had been included.

By the way, did you never try to send your own drawings to Mongoose or with your accompanying written material? You are pretty skilled indeed.
Thanks for the reply, Vincent.

I just hope the gazetteer isn't edited and shortened, much anyway. I find the gazetteer a fundamental part of any regional sourcebook.
Well, I don't know what was done for Argos/Zingara, but when I shortened the Gazetteer for Shem I took out the ruins, since they are already mentioned in Ruins of Hyboria. I took out some of the minor places also, since they are mentioned The Road of Kings and would not be substantially different in a mention in Shem.

People don't seem to want repeated information, so repeated information was taken out. The books are less comprehensive, but are more concise.
I and alot of others by now trust both you vincent and the editors too 8) and we always have signs as a back up for the items that dont make the cut :D
my problem is with the maps, if they are being taken out of the books can they be put up on the site as pdfs so that we GMs can have them for running our sessions?
Does anyone have A&Z yet? If so, feel free to review it (perhaps with an outline). I still don't know if I'm going to buy it now or just wait until Shem comes out next year and save on postage.
I've no problems with a smaller page count if the removed information is either repetative or is to be presented in some other fashion.

I do, however, have problems with a lack of maps as I'm fond of having such information on hand when possible.