when you receive multiple attacks at higher levels does that also include ranged attacks (does an archer get two shots at sixth level )
Without really looking ito the actual bonuses and all that in the books and the tables therein...


Thanks a lot guys thats a great help.
I've only been using 2 shots up untill now 1 for my nornal attack and 1 for having rapid shot. This is going to help loads.
Once bow useers get to the 6+/1+ mark and have Rapid shot on top of that, ranged combat gets really dangerous. It still doesn't do nearly the damage that hand to hand can manage, but because you can effectively sneak attack at range too, this makes ranged ambushes from multiple shots very deadly.
albjohnson said:
so my 11th level nomad with rapid shot will now get 4 shots per round
+11 / +11 / +6 / +1 is that right.
Yes, quite correct. Note however that using Rapid Shot gives you a -2 penalty on all those attacks. This actually makes Rapid Shot the most cost-effective at lower levels (one extra attack isn't as big of a deal if you have three attacks to begin with, but the penalties can hurt a bit). Still, a nice feat to have around for when you really want to cover the sky with arrows.
Have fun with your nomad, just remember to keep a spare quiver of arrows. :)