-Alternative Brain Bug Talents


Banded Mongoose
So my gaming group generally detests the current Arachnid Talents, or rahter think rupture is just too damn good...

as I am the bug player, I have to say I agree; and there is little reason for a bug player to not take enhanced rupture, ego war and id sending,

Id sending being largely just a point holder; shield isn't bad, but generally the better shield is buying a 50 point tunnel marker for your brain.

So with this in mind we have been using these talents:

50 Ego-War (no change)

25 Id Sending (no change)

50 Distract: Subtract 4 dammage dice from an enemy unit within 36 inches, note that the dice lost must come from non-squad weapons first.
+25 Enhanced- 6 dice

50 Shield: The same, except there is no penalty when the shield fails, and it now has a target of 6... we are considering givving it a Kill as well.
+25 Enhanced- 6 hits

50 Rupture: Each rolls a D10, the lost subtracts two hits; Regardless of result the Brain bug must roll an armor save- other wise the same.

25 Stimulants: Choose any bug model; that model gains 1 extra dammage die to its next close combat attack.
+50 Choose a unit and double their close combat attacks

NOTE: MI Block Talents is now a range of 30 inches.

It should be pretty obvious; I made distract useful (I refuse to believe anyone should have taken the old Distract) Shield is better; suicidal stimulation is no longer suicidal and can be very devastating to the enemy; while Rupture now effectively blows.

The results have been pretty positive; people don't seem to mind that they are being torn to bits by rampaging hoppers hopped up on PCP; or at least they dont compared to simply having their brains exploded;

Thats just us; but I figured you guys might have different opinions; generally the thing I think i would tone down from this is Shield.

Ego War is allright.
Id Sending is okay.

Distract is useless, Enhanced Distract can be nice in the right circumstances. Substracting non-squad weapons first is a good idea though.

Enhanced Rupture is allright though Rupture seems useless to me. Nothing to change at all. Without the ability to reroll the D10 nobody would take it, no matter how it actually works.

Shield - giving it a traget and a kill is a good idea.

Suicidal Stimulation is an outstanding talent. Did you ever try to use it on a Thorny Tanker/King Tanker/Overseer/Carrion Bug?. It is really powerfull if you cast it on a modell with high kill and good armour save.
I'm a big fan of Id Sending and Ego War both. As a 50/50 player of both armies, Ego War can be extremely effective against MI.

Suicidal Stimulation+Tanker can be a powerful combo. One of my favorite tactics is use Enhanced Suicidal Stimulation (affects multiple models) on "Endless Tide" Warriors. Sure, they are going to die, but they'll be back. :twisted: And there are very few units that can take the punishment they'll dish out before dying.
enhanced suicidal stimulation on an inflitrator in turn one, he can take out a chas or marauder :)

I agree about distract........ except: Fire it at a chickenhawk officer or chas, it limits them to using 4 dice of frag from the javelin at long range and you can do it every turn, you can neuter them with no threat of failure..
Other than that it's not much use though.
heres what some talents would seem like in game...in my opinion...

Distract- "Gotta shoot down those warriors before they.... OH! A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT ROCK!" *misses shots

Suggestion- *marine sits in his squad, then hears a voice*: ""Hey... You should shoot at your friends... They might steal your cupcakes...""
*gets very angry and opens fire at teammates* "YOU CAN'T HAVE THEM!!!"

Rupture-*trooper sitting at outpost hears voice*: "yo momma yo momma yo momma yo momma yo momma yo momma yo momma yo momma (etc)" "ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" *head bursts

All in all, phsycic talents are fine the way they be.

:?: :idea: :?:
See, the thing is, Rupture won't always be as effective as people think.

Against LAMI, Skinnies, or bugs, there are a lot of forces that rupture will be almost a waste because you'll be taking a risk at hurting your brain bug while only being able to take out models that are about 50pts or less.

I just laughed in the tournament that I brought all warrior bugs (back when the MI could take rupture). Oh, would you like to risk losing your Lt to kill a 15pt model?
Voracioustigger said:
See, the thing is, Rupture won't always be as effective as people think.

Tell me about it! In our last battle I had an Overseer that lost 2 of it's 5 hits to bad Enhanced Rupture rolling (he soon lost the other 3 to massed Grizzly fire). Next turn, not to be outdone, one of my Brain Bugs was killed in one shot by the following Enhanced Rupture sequence:

1st roll - 4
MI roll - 9
Enhanced Rupture re-roll: 1
Brain dead.

You say you want to drop Rupture? I say, "would you like some cheese with your whine?"
its a matter of fun in our group=

we simply dont enjoy having units die without any actual effort being involved... and really against marauder platoons there is little reason to not take 2 brains with enhanced rupture, and just kill his high command... one or two good plasma shots later and he has no army.

thats why I made stimulants so much better, I wasnt worried about tankers, but rather it can now be used worthwhily on any unit, to account for rupture.

Oh, and in case there was some overboard for the bugs we made block talents 30 inch range...

but seems like you all agree about distract