ACTA´s future developements?

After reading about 15 pages of the thread about the new developements for SST, I was left with one question:

Will ACTA benefit from the new developements as well?

Maybe the question has already been asked in the 30+ pages of the SST thread, but I just couldn´t find it...

As most of us know, there have been some "issues" in ACTA´s recent past - starting with casting quality, over people being disappointed with new shipdesigns, to delays because of problems with moulds and printers.

Now, Mongoose is obviously working on those problems. But I was wondering, if Mongoose plans to use some of it´s advanced ressources on ACTA? I guess that they will eventually, but does anybody know something more... concrete?

In another thread in the ACTA forum a while ago, Matt Sprange told us that Mongoose would soon reveal something to justify the players´ trust in them - was this aimed at the developements in SST, or is there something special (apart from WWE) on the line for B5 as well?

Obviously, Mongoose has put a lot of time and effort into their new "evolution" games, and I´m really looking forward to the results.

But although there´s obviously a smaller market involved with B5 than with SST, I´m a little concerned about thinking about ACTA as being the "B-game" standing in it´s bigger brother´s shadow...
I personally would love to see ACTA go the same route as SST with the prepainted minis, while still having the metals for those of us who want to paint. Matt already said the we would be able to get the new stuff unpainted and unassembled, so I don't why it wouldn't apply for ACTA as well.
PRE PAINTED MINIS?!?!?! (must say to the volume and tempo of the guys in the Pace Picante salsa commercial "New York CITY!!")

heretical. you must be purged.


sounds good, hope the kiddies will like them. I'll stick with metal, no matter how long it takes me to paint them..!!

One of the major developments that ACTA needs I think is referance cards for each ship, like the ones that PP do for Warmachine and Hordes. With some of the ships have 100+ hit points sometimes it can take up a lot of room to keep track of damage and such.

Pre painted plastic for ACTA... as long as they can be painted/stripped I don't see a problem. But I do prefer Metal.
Sheesh! Why can't we have our cake and eat it to? I love to paint minis, but I would probably buy some pre-painted fleets for the races that I normally don't play, Shadows come to mind, that being said here I am on the fence again, just like over in the SST forums.
Bubba Ho-Tep said:
Sheesh! Why can't we have our cake and eat it to?

Because it costs more money?

If they go down this road, I expect one or other line (pre-painted/unpainted) will be withdrawn in 18 months as being economically unviable.
I dunno. Once the metal casting facility is there, it doesn't really cost anything to keep the metals still available. It also feels to me as if pretty much every new ship that can be done has been done, with a few odd exceptions and the idea of "new races".

MGP have stated that all the SST models will continue to be available, so I wouldn't imagine it would be any different for ACTA if they did plastics, as well as opening the game up to a whole host of new players - and the more new players it gets, the more likely there'll continue to be new supplements produced that everyone can use.

I'd like to see ACTA plastics (if for no other reason than they're not going to topple over like my metals do), and would still respray and paint over them as and when I could get around to it.
Bubba Ho-Tep said:
Sheesh! Why can't we have our cake and eat it to?

Anyone can have their cake and eat it. The real trick is to eat your cake, and still have it...

That said, I don't really like the idea of pre-painted models. It smacks of kid's toys and "collectible" games, even if Mongoose has said they're trying to avoid that.
To be fair, pre-painted minis have their place.
Many of my gaming friends now have families of their own and hobby time gets more and more limited. They tend now to prefer games that allow more time for playing and not so much work at home painting.
RPG's have gotten a resurgance for that reason among my feiends also...a book is a one time purchase, not something you buy and then go spend hours and hours working to get "done" for the tabletop.

I love the idea of pre-painted minis. Just not collectable. The quality has to be there too. Some of the newer stuff like dreamblade and AT43 actually have really nice jobs done for the most part.

Some people just dont like to paint. Some of us dont really have the time for it. I know my GF is mystified why I can't buy my game pieces pre-painted and ready to play. Some how I think that pre-painted to expand the audience alot.
I agree, somewhat.

Pre-painted plastics have their place in starter sets designed to get new people into the game.

But I would bet anything that the metal minis would suffer for it. I have to imagine that the prepainted plastics coming out of china or korea or where ever would be cheaper to produce.

After saying that nothing beats metal minis!!!!!!!
If prepainted minis come out I'll just buy them for the fleets I want to play till I can paint my metals, so that'll be a lot of WS :lol:

lastbesthope said:
If prepainted minis come out I'll just buy them for the fleets I want to play till I can paint my metals, so that'll be a lot of WS

But most of them will be in a box, un-assembled. However I'm sure the prepainted ones will be an improvement over counters.

At least I now have two undercoated ships.... Go Me!