Zhodani and Black Globes


Emperor Mongoose
Anyone know of any sources wherein the Zhodani possess Black Globe generator shields?
Just curious.
Well, all Black Globes are Ancient artifacts. That's canon going way back.
That being said, I'm not sure there's whole lot of RnD that either the Imperium or the Consulate can do on them. The Mystery of the Ancients series has the Ancients at TL 25, if we're gonna go with 'apples to apples' equivalencies that's like asking Plato to figure out how grav drives work...
No, not all black globes are artifacts.

The Imperium has reverse engineered primitive TL15 versions.

Black globe generators are not available commercially; they are recovered
artifacts installed on a makeshift basis or experimental versions installed on tech
level 15 Imperial warships.
I'd think the Zhodani would built them, at a greater cost than the Imperium, but not having them would put them at a greater disadvantage militarily. And they'd probably be limited to frontline ships only as their added expense would make them prohibitive for fleet-wide deployment.