worst modelling based injury competition, post yours.


ok my story starts off on one particularly hot day, i decided to put my Cadian Platoon together, i had no air condition or fans, the only way i could cool myself off was to remove a few articles of clothing, so pretty soon i had none left....all was going well until i decided to put the heads on.... i start with the Sergeants and on the very first head i see a drop (really big drop) of Zap a Gap fall, i didnt see where it landed so i thought nothing of it, about an hour later i got really thirsty and i decide to go to the kitchen and get a soda, i stand up, but my chair goes with me, and its hanging from my [huevos], my eyes cross and i almost fell over on the ground. i had to work the area gently to pry it off the chair, unfortunetley (sp?) a piece of the leather chair came with me, i wasnt gonna do anything to remove it so i just left on until it fell off...

ok guys, now your turn, lets hear them :lol:

and yes, the above story is true, my friend who is Corpsman 3rd class, in the US Navy can prove it, to bad hes on deployment tho LOL

The worst I've had recently is stabbing myself in the thumb with my Pin Vice, it went in a fair bit and caused a rather painful bruise.
I've spilled paint on myself a couple of times, and maybe even cut finger with a craft knife once or twice :lol:
I've superglued my fingers to the tube a few times. Took some skin off removing it. Nothing spectacular!!!
I was cleaning some Heavy Gear models with my Xacto knife. The blade slipped and I plunged the knife into my chest. The blade went in less than a half inch but I was pretty freaked out that I had a small bloody hole in my chest.
I've always wondered how the human race evolved to having the femoral artery EXACTLY in the spot that a slipped craft knife/screwdriver or file sticks into when you you slip.

And I'm a biology teacher.
Recipe for disaster

Take a size 3 Swan and Morton scapel

Add a chair and a late night modelling

Include a summers heat and a pair of baggy shorts

Drop scapel from sweaty hand down onto chair your sat in

Try to catch it and miss

Whince as scapel sticks through cloth, flesh and cloth again

And it wasnt my leg that was stuck to the chair and although I have three children, my entire life flashed before my eyes :oops:

It may be a tie between Byram gluing his ***s to a chair or Marc impaling his ****.

The moral of the srories: don't model in your boxers or birthday suit.

I can't beat either of those, but I did shake a tin of paint with a loose lid. I redecorated myself, my bed spread, my treasured Mechforce T-shirt, my bedroom wall with blue paint, a la Jackson Pollock.
Gluing together a warmachine Khador Warjack, slightly tipsy and tired I glued my hand to my face, had to rip it off, not fun. I've also dropped a knife onto my foot, blood everywhere, then running out of my room to get help, I stood on it and stabbed the bottom in all.

Im not so much an idiot to drop an knife onto my groin.
Let me see, 40+ years of stupid human tricks.

Once trimming some alloy Dragon Wings
I had cast from my sculpt, the utility knife slipped skidded along the curved inner surface of the wing intersecting first joint middle finger left hand cut about 1/16th inch short of bone, bled like a stuck hog scared my wife to death. :) :)

45th birthday sitting at home doing a terrain piece with large pvc tubing 2" dia I seem to recall was drilling a bunch of holes when drill caught in the plastic. By the time it stopped spinning it had gone out through opposite tubing wall and hit the palm of my left hand turning approx. 90 degrees after intersecting my palm was a brand new razor sharp 23/64" bit took some stitches at Hospital too fix that one, Happy Birthday to me!!
Upset wife that I had driven myself to the Emergency Room. :D :D
Little nicks and cuts, molten lead alloy splashed on arm during casting bases and bits due to one water droplet hitting casting pot. (Note: to self if you feel a sneeze coming make sure nothing hits the molten metal).
Too many othewr idiocies to mention.
Well lets see:

Once I almost sliced off the end of my finger with a over-sharpened x-acto knife (god why did I have to file the blade ultra-sharp?). Fun, infact it was on my 14th birthbay, back in april '06.

And when I was sanding my gaming table's plywood surface, I took half of my finger nail off and a nip of my finger tip, guess what, it was the same finger I sliced with my xacto, in fact all of my cuts I inflict are done on the same finger.

Once I super-glued my hand to a grenade and my leg while trying to apply the fiddly resin FW krak grenade to a cadian :( ....
You have a whole lot more accidents to make if your making ones like that at 14. Im nearly 16 and have never really made a lot of cuts, bruises etc...