Winter's Call: New Brotherhood Spell for Your Perusal


My group just completed Cavern's of Kalte, and have picked up Vonotar's wand with the Cone of Frost spell. As such, I needed to come up with the actual stats for the spell, and it's other tiers. Let me know what you think.

Winter's Call

Tier I: Cone of Frost 1 End
A narrow cone of icy cold extends from the caster's outstretched hands. This does cold damage equal to the caster's Base Magical Damage, plus his class level, to all targets in a 30' line from his position. Those affected may make a Reflex save for half damage. No attack roll is required.

Tier II: Chill Ray 2 End
With this spell, the Mage releases a narrow beam of freezing blue light at a single target up to 60' away. If the mage succeeds at his magical attack roll, the target takes damage equal to the mage's Base Magical Damage, plus his class level. In addition, unless the target makes a successful Fortitude save, he will be frozen in place (held) for 1d6 rounds.

Tier III: Freezing Sphere 5 End
This spell freezes an area up to 20' in radius, centred up to 80' from the mage's position. Eveyone within the area of affect takes damage as per the Cone of Frost. Additionally, the surface of the area of affect becomes incredibly icy and slippery for one round per class level of the caster. Anyone attempting to move across the frozen surface must make a Reflex save. Those succeeding at their save may move at half pace only, while those failing the save slip, skid or fall, and cannot move at all.

Applying fire or extreme heat will melt the ice, and in very hot conditions (eg, a foundry, desert) the duration is halved. If the prevailing temperature is below freezing, the duration extends to 1 minute per class level.

I think that these affects are pretty much on a par with Lightning Hand -- the lack of to-hit rolls being balanced by the opportunities to save.
good work on that spell!

i would prefer an attack roll to hit with the spell, instead of the save

i simple find it better that a player has his "luck or destiny" in his own

hands (player rolls to hit with spell) an not the storyteller (save for npc)

just my thought
Methos: The main reason I went from attack roll to save is that the spell's name indicates an area of effect, and IMO an attack roll does not mesh well with that.

On the up side, from your perspective, if the spell is used against the players, they are back in control. :D
Sable, fine work.

This spell is a perfect example of a concept that will be worked into an upcoming supplement called Peripheral Magics, a way for Brotherhood Mages to expand their magical skills and "differentiate" themselves from one another.

While I can't post the details here yet, it effectively involved three tiered spells that do not have a word of power associated with them. These spells tend to be slightly less powerful than normal Brotherhood magic but have the advantage of being learned outside the normal scheme of a character's advancement.

Yes, this is interesting as an alternative to lightning hand, since that sort of covers both electricity and fire. I guess brothers wouldn't use acid type spells mind, though nadzirim should do...(has hilarious thought about evil sorceror conjuring the might of Melfs acid arrow :lol: )
Dam that kicks ass, I am so using it in my game. For you word of power you could make it like webs, but with a better range, and drastically limiting the targets movement instead of paralysing them. For the grand effect, you could add a save to stop them doing anything at all, penalty to enemy attack rolls and a concetration check to cast magic.
Makes me think of Blizzard from advance wars
Glad you like it. :D

As I said, I'm of the opinion that Word: Energy covers this spell, so I'm not using a seperate Word for this spell. YMMV.
Hi Sable,

I was thinking of putting together a fan produced Magnamund spell book in PDF format. It could possibly be hosted by Tower Of The Sun if that is OK with winterhawk. Are you Ok with me using your spell in there you would get full acknowledgment.
This is now available over on the downloads section of Tower Of The Sun in the Magnamund Spellbook.

If anyone else has any good magic ideas stick them on this thread formatted like the ones above and I'll see about adding it.