Unofficial MWWG d20 Errata


Those of you that have copies of Macho Women with Guns d20 known that the book has numerous errors and omissions in it. I've searched online for an errata file only to come up empty. So I did the next best thing. I read the book cover to cover and created my own errata file. This file has undergone a few revisions as other errors came to my attention so while it's fairly comprehensive, it might not be complete. If you should spot an error or omission not covered by the file, please let me know. I want this file to be as complete as possible. So, without further ado, here's the errata file.

Pg. 19: Dominatrix bonus feats: Select one of the following; Backstabbing Bitch, Blow Your Way to the Top, Deceptive, Dodge Responsibility, Look Good in Uniform, Macho, Me, Me, Me and Scriptwriter Stooge.
Pg. 26-27: The boobs, belly and butt formulas are as follows;
Breast size = Cha. x 3 - Str. mod + Con. mod - Dex. mod
Cup size is determined by taking the ability assigned by your character class and modifying it thus; for every two points of positive ability modifier your base cup size is increased by one category.
Waist size = (Cha. + Str. mod + Con. mod - Dex. mod) x 1.5
Hips: (Cha. + Str. mod + Con. mod - Dex. mod) x 2
Example: Fast heroine with a Str. of 12, Dex. of 16, Con. of 12 and Cha. of 11
Breasts: 11 x 3 - 1 + 1 - 3 = 30 in.
Cup size: Starts at a B cup with her +3 Dex. mod moving them up one cup size to BB.
Waist size: (11 + 1 + 1 - 3) x 1.5 = 15 in.
Hips: (11 + 1 + 1 - 3) x 2 = 20 in.
Pg. 34: The prerequisite for Demonic Taint should be an allegiance to Evil.
Pg. 37: The prerequisite for Holiness should be an allegiance to Law and Good.
Pg. 40: Pray Like Hell - The DC of the Will save is 15.
Pg. 42: Each additional time you take the Winged Wimple feat your base speed while flying is increased by 5 ft. and your maximum ceiling increases by 100 ft.
Pg. 58: A whetstone costs $5.00
Pg. 64: Change Cinema snacks cost to $15.
Pg. 84: Additionally it costs $10, $25 or $50 depending on the level of the spell being written on the scroll, this is because spell scrolls require rare and expensive ingredients (or the Games Master just wants to steal all the cash he gave you back). Casting time: Scribing a scroll takes ten minutes in addition to the time taken to cast the spell being put into the scroll. Prerequisites: In order to learn Scribe scroll you must have the Magical feat and at least six ranks in the Spellcraft skill. You must know both Scribe scroll and the spell you wish to put into the scroll to create the scroll.
Casting time : Casting Zap I takes one action. Prerequisites: In order to learn Zap I, you must have the Magical feat. Effect: The bolt of energy must be directed to the target with a ranged attack check. If it strikes it does 1d6 points of damage. It can hit anything within the caster's line of sight.
Zap 2: Zap II creates a stream of energy or matter of some kind and blasts the target with it. This can be a stream of fire, a spray of ice, a bolt of electricity, an engulfing swarm of bugs or similar. The net effect is the same regardless. Mana cost: Casting Zap II costs ten Mana.
Pg. 96: The Mythbusters proved that ballistic weapons can be fired in a vacuum.
Pg. 101: Add the following text to the Bonus feat section; The Busty Vampire Layer must fulfill all prerequisites in order to gain the feat.
Pg. 106: Change Improved Damage Threshold Improved, Knockout Punch to Improved Damage Threshold, Improved Knockout Punch.
Pg. 117: The Librarian Beauty bonus feats are as follows; Attentive, Creative, Kick Ass and Chew Gum, Look Good in Uniform, Low Profile, Lucky Cow, Me, Me, Me, Meticulous, Run in High Heels, Stealthy and Trustworthy.
Ignore the skill list mistakenly printed in the book.
Pg. 119: The missing header on the Relic Raider chart should read Defense bonus.
Pg. 152: The complete text at the top of the page should read as follows; "The Nazis no longer had to hide themselves away and so they came forth from their homes and hidden bunkers meeting deep in the ruins of Brussels to construct a new Europe in their own image."
Pg. 156: Countess Dracula's BAB is +6/+1
Pg. 159: The d20 rules allow a maximum of 4 attacks per round. Ignore Isaac Azathoth's +4 final attack.
Pg. 161: Ignore Oddzilla's +12/+7/+2 final attacks.
Pg. 162: A Puppy of Tindalos' Cha. is 6(-2).
Pg. 169: Psychotic Psantas' BAB is +8/+3. Their Con. is 16(+3).
Pg. 171: Aliens' Con. is 18(+4).
Pg. 183: Suki Wang's Wis. is 13(+1) and her Reputation is +1. Norma Snockers' Fort is +3 and Will is +1. Her Defense is 14. Norma's occupation is listed as Macho Woman when it should be Minx. Remove True Grit from Norma's Specials list. Mary Hinge's Fort is +1, her Ref is +2 and her Will is +5.
Character Sheet: In the Defense area of the character sheet, the box marked Wis should be marked Defense Bonus.