What makes you game?

  • i like the modelling aspect

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  • i like the challenge of meeting someone in a duel, that people dont die in.....

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  • i like the comradery

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  • 1&2

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  • 1&3

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  • 2&3

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  • all of the above

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ok, seeing as how there are some n00bs, just arriving im figuring on playing a little *bumpsky-poo*
Tuesday nights are fantasy night at a certain "other company's store" in my area. It was night one of the Spring/Summer campaign. 10 people signed up for the campaign (FIVE people in/from the last campaign didn't) Less than an hour into the start of gaming one player had enough and left.

Of the ten of us who started, all but one is over 21. We all have been in and out on a regular basis on Tuesday nights for fantasy open table gaming. Apparently the suits at the USA HQ decreed that campaigning is a must. It's "supposed" to encourage regulars to buy more minies :?

Let's see now, five players apparently passed on Tuesday nights at the "company store" (maybe they bought SST??). One more left early and angry.

THAT sure is "encouraging buying isn't it?? :roll:
byram said:
<snip> GW rep. said "i have never seen any CC so epic, this is going in the battle report, for WD." an sure enough it was...... :D

YOu got in a WD battle report? Sweetness, what issue #?
@ veon

one of the ones with the emperors champion, and the eye of terror campaign reports..... i dont know which number cuz i lost my copy :oops:
seeing as how there are n00bs running around the board, id figure id ressurect the dead :shock: (topic that is)
I know why i game.

Theres something at the end of the day, looking at huge armys that you built up and panited over the months or even years (one day lol) To think back that thru all the chaos that runs in all our lives, all the problems that come and go, all the change. To be able to look at your army as something you built up thru all of that, it gives it more of a personal feeling.

That and the fact im just happy the MI units of a 1997 film have not been left to rot. And even the book that is like, just... OLD, yet still has its fans awaiting to see what bit of the past is going to come to life, all thanks to Mongoose.

Thats what i think makes me want to game.
Painting the minies, putting them on the field for their first battle. Then taking them off by turn three when they run away!!

My bugs are almost there now, 20 are painted. I will get busy on the MIs when we come back from vacation/holiday.

We plan to try a game or two starting June 27th. "We" with me included. The other regular opponents are likely to go to a local demo game. One made it last weekend at a semi-local "con".
I play because i injoy most aspects of the hobby.

Modeling is great fun.

Painting is fun

Playing is fun

And tehn of cause meeting people who injoy the some of the same types of things that you do? Even better.
i game because its something me and my friends can do when it rains
the best games are the games that are very close and when each turn it seems as if anyone could win it.
The problem gets when 1 player gets too good for the rest and wins by too much.
Me and my friends stopped playing Warhammer coz there wasnt a close battle for ages (it wasnt so much that i woz too good, its just that none of my friends knew anything about tactics)
anyway thats why i play
I just turned 42, am married with 2 kids and I teach drums and piano for a living. I spend time and money on minis because I like to paint, build terrain, and play occasional games with my son. I play mostly board games, not mini games, and I do it for social reasons. I only game with people I like which is why I never play in stores or tournaments. I suppose I like the artistic aspect of creating a painted model and my own terrain.

I game:
1) to escape certain parts of reality.
2) for the company-I party, therefore I am.
3) to indulge in the artistry of a game, represented both in the artwork and design.
4) because it gives me the illusion of control in my life
5) life is a game, is it not?
Death/Punk/Trance? So the punk wakes you up and the trance puts you back under?

How long have you been playing? Do you guys gig often? This is my web site in case you're bored:
currently we are still in the garage (living room) but we are getting more exposure through freinds and we may be able to play at the local community college.

now as for the death/trance/punk..... i mean stuff like static-x, but faster. then again our repetoiur is 15% static-x, 10% rammstein, slayer, blues stuff, and the other 75% is our stuff. as for how long ive been playing: about 5-6 years
byram said:
veon, if you were in front of me, id smack you....... lmao i keed :lol:

have you looked at the pic?

um yeah. it looks likes some sort of death/trance/punk band to me! :lol: