who looks better

bugs mi or skinnies

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again, none.. they are all as good as each other. this isn't 40k were certain armies are more powerful than others.. every ones on an even ground and it all comes down to tactics.

If you're wondering which army we PREFER, it generally comes down to taste and nothing else... I'm playing MI for now because I like models and army. But i think it's be skinnies when they come out... they look really cool..

Edit: Oh, and check your private meassages xbox..
W00T 100% MI!

Good idea making a new poll ;)

I like MI as they are humans but not too 'OTT' like Space Marines.

I like the arachnids as they have cool fluff, and stunning models (seriously eying up a Tankerbug now.)

And Skinnies... an enigmatic race... I cannot wait until the army book comes out so we can see what the true playing field is...

Each army has a certain appeal. After seeing the sneak preview of the Skinnies book, I have to say that MP is going to make them certainly worth collecting and fielding.

The bugs are just too much fun though.
me fail english? that umpossible!


I prefer MI seeing as they're human, I'm mostly human, we get on like a Tanker with a grenade in its innards.
skinnies would rule the field had they only been given air assets! (Corect me if I'm wrong but they don't get spacecraft do they... :cry: ) But they own everybody in front of them especially with nerve beams. I personally play the arachnids because of the cool models but after my friend started with the skinnies I've come to realize their infinite coolness! 8)
MI usually get receive better paintjobs but for me, a well-painted bug swarm takes the cake. You put 40 decently painted warriors on that tabletop and suddenly everybody in the venue is looking.
I like MI, but bugs take the cake and the whole damn buffet on paint jobs.

Not to mention the appetizers, soup, dessert, and ALL the crap in my freezer!

A bug with a good paint job can make whole MI units flee the table in "Fashion Embarrassment:"

"Damn, Sarge! Them Bugs always look so...together!"

"Yeah, Sarge! They always have all the right accessories too!"

"Rodger that, guys! How come we always show up to the fight looking like a bunch of dorks in burlap, and them bugs always look sooo stylish!!!!"

"Did ya see that one over on the right flank? Now THAT was a good-lookin' Bug!"

"Oh man! Why don't us Apes get any of the really trendy stuff to wear?"

*Platoon Sergeant shakes head and walks away*