Who do you give shock sticks to?

How do you give shock sticks to?

  • Every one who can have one.

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  • A few squads but not everyone.

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  • Just my Lt, NCO and squad Sergents.

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  • None they suck.

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Hi guys i've been thinking (never a good thing) about shock sticks and who to give them to? So what do you think and why?

Later Days
ive gone for non they suck, but if i got a few points to throw away il get one for a serg maybe .. but if hes close enough and stupid enough to bein combat with a bug, then he deserves to die.
I'm still not sure on the whole shock stick dealy so I won't vote, but I was thinking of giving a squad black enameled katanas and making them ninjas and having them "count as" having shock sticks!
They seem like a good idea for officers and sergeants, keep various nasty critters(hoppers) at bay for a little longer.