which is your favourite supplement?

It would have to be tie between the EF & Mimbari Factbooks.

EF - because I'm not running a strict B5 campaign (just a very B5-ish game) the EF book has a lot of very useful material on Earth etc rather than just B5 (which does not exist in my universe) and loads of ships which I can use.

Mimbari - there was so much new stuff I did not know; and now want to find a way to use!!

id have to say for the moment its the Minbari book... the detail that August put into it is mind boggling.... everything from child birth to diet... what more could you want on a made up alien race..... they also answered some of the most burning questions anyone could ever ask or would ever want to ask about the Minbari 5 out of 5 for this book....
Overall I would have to say the Minbari book. The layout for starters was far better, the colony stuff was perfect in terms of layout and details. But it also ent a lot more in-depth about more things. Although the EA book went more in-depth with the ships, which I would liked to have seen in the Minbari book.

I would however prefer that all the books were structured the same, so we all get the same information and questions answered about each species. The EA and Minbari books differed quite a bit in that respect. If the layout and info stays as it was with the Minbari, but perhaps throws in the EA ship details/elements for future books as well then I have no doubt that they will all be improved for it. If thats the case then the Centauri book may become my favourite. But for now as I said, my favourite is the Minbari book.
My favorite is the minbari book simply because they are my favorite race in B5 and the book was well written and much better than the rest .
I always liked the League and it's members - and as we do know more about the "bigger" races from the show (even without the race books) I think it would be nice to have a League book with more information about the Brakiri, Abbai, Vree and so on. They offer a lot of potential for the RPG.

das Darke
I really liked the two fact books but Trial by Fire spurred up a lot of ideas of how a campaign could be extended in the back ground of the main series arc. So I was quite excited until I got the worst suppliment...

Coming of the Shadows - Was very poor, little more imo than a lurid and often pointlessly boring blow by blow account of each episode - and why one earth is it in the screen sequence - Basically it just boring to read as most entries take longer to decipher than each episode - Infact this was so bad it actually put me off running the game. A synopis of each episode and the outcomes would have been better and more useable. Whilst some of the extrenious detail is colourful it adds nothing that couldn't be known from watching the series - which I think its safe to assume most GMs will have done. Even the print is difficult to read.

Only the game information in it saves it from being pointless as this was exceptionally good. But as a suppliment the whole thing is a disappointment. I assume it was spun out to justify the price tag, as the synopis and guide in the main rule book was far more useful, and applicable.[/b]
I have enjoyed the seasons' summaries as they help me keep events straight.

I'd have prefered that the extra stuff (Prestige Classes, Ship Stats, etc.) in them had been in the Fact books.

Of course that would have sold fewer copies.

To me the Fact books are the most important for each of the races.

I have enjoyed the Earth and Minbari books and am looking forward to the Centauri and Narn books soon to be released.

I am not a big fan of the Technomages having a book all their own and am thinking about not buying it. I will most likely buy it to to have the full set.

Another thing I dislike is the extra stuff in S&P mag. I'm only interested in the B5 portion of it. I wish there was some way that we could just pick up the stuff we're interested in.

Speaking of that the Universe Today had a system which allowed the subscriber to select what parts they wanted and I know Mongoose is selling some books in electronic format. Could they do the same with S&P B5 and other game system articles?

I liked all the books I have, though Point of No Return should have had as much "crunch" as Coming of Shadows. Ah well, maybe "season 4" will have more. :p