which is your favourite supplement?

toothill man said:
apart from the rulebook which one of the mongoose B5 supplements is your best and why?

Hmmm, that's a toughie. For me, it's the Minbari Federation Factbook, followed very closely by the EarthForce one. The Minbari book didn't have as much material on Valen as I might have liked (apart from painting him as a mythical figure), but I suppose the information from the 'In Valen's Name' comic series and the To Dream In The City of Sorrows will be expanded upon in the Ranger book. A nice big chapter on Valen might be nice...

The stuff on Minbari worlds is great to see, and the way the maps of the two Minbari cities (even though for some reason I'm convinced that the 'Cathedral' as it is called by the Rangers, is in Tuzanor not Yedor) are presented is really useful. The Warrior Caste fighting styles are excellent, and it is nice to see some thought has gone into the Minbari history. The stuff about the Vorlons grooming the Minbari throughout so much of their history was a really good read. The only things I thought the book missed was a little bit more information on the clans within the Religious Caste (like within the Warrior Caste) and a ship chart. But, that's really just griping. :wink:

Honourable mention to the main rulebook itself. The amount of B5 related information, about the station itself and pulled together in one place, is impressive.
So far, for me it would have to be the EA sourcebook. Theres so much information in there and great ideas. It gets elevated above the Minbvari book because it has pictures of all the vehicles and ships where the Minbari book doesn't.
I really like the two species sourcebooks released so far (EA & MF), but my pick would be Fiery Trail for its usefuleness, as I must admit I was a bit daunted by the prospect of writing my own story arc... :)
Tough one. I like 'em all. :)

Fiery Trial is a great campaign. EA provides loads of data on the colonies etc, which are essential. Minbari Federation is cool too. And coming of Shadows will be absolutely neccesary whem/if mycampaign reaches season 2.

I'd have to go with the EA factbook.
I would have to go with the EA Factbook for all around usefullness, but the Minbari book is very good as well and gave me some much needed Inspiration for a new campainge I am due to kick off soon.
For me, the EA Factbook. It just makes building an EarthForce based campaign so much easier. Everything I need (save a pay scale! :evil: ) is right there.
I don't know if you've seen it or not Sundog but another post on here gives things to consider when you're trying to figure out pay scale.
So far it is the Minbari Factbook. But if (and they will) mongoose does that good of a job on the other race factbooks I dont know. Might end up being the Shadows/Vorlan Factbook. :wink:
I'm really looking foreward to the Drazi book, as they interest me...alot.

But the Narn Regime book will be good, as Narns are cool. :)
While even the worst supplement gets 4 out of 5 in my book for this line, my favorite would have to be:

The Minbari Factbook - hands down. There is just so much that is right about this book. I every way. I think I found at least one awesome thing per page. The only thing it was missing was ship and tank diagrams like the EA book.

*Everything* else was just awesome. I consider myself a B5 fanatic and expert and there was so much new stuff in here.

I can't tell you how much it helped a player of a minbari. He read the section on religiious caste, and it was as if he transformed into a minbari right before our eyes. When talking to a minbari, he even asked... "What language is he speaking in?" It took me a second to figure it out for myself before responding. It was great.

Superb job August and Mongoose.

You have no idea how thrilled I was to see that the same author, August Hahn is also putting out the Centaur and Narn books. Talk about a good designer... Keep him Mongoose, keep him close!

It is a 5 star book.