What's the best D20 rulebook to use?



I want to play the SG1 rpg as master. Thegame itself says that the D&D 3rd edition is required to play, but, which one of all the rulebooks would you recommend as the best or most appropiate to use? D&D 3 or 3.5? Star Wars? Cthulhu D20? D20 modern? And additionally, would the spycraft rulebook be necessary?
D&D 3.0 or 3.5, which ever you have.

Most of the others, like spycraft for example, also require the D&D core books for playing. Just stick with what ya know and you'll do fine.

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Might be able to help out here.

One of my gaming groups runs 2 very popular SG1 campaigns.

The rules were written and released when D&D3.0 was in circulation however you should be able to used D&D3.5 if thats what you have.

D20 Modern/Cthulhu etc are variants and not really applicable.

You do not need to buy any of the Spycraft gear (unless you want too) all the information you need is in the SG1 series of books. If you need further info, post the question and I'll contact the 2 GM's who are running campaigns to get answers :wink:
Same for Babylon 5?

The thing is that I own the D&D 3 and 3.5, Star Wars and Cthluhu D20 rulebooks, but as I'm not interested in playing any of those (well, maybe a bit of Cthluhu) and want to sell them for good. But I'm a big geek of both B5 and SG1, and really want to play them, so I need to keep a rulebook to play them, and maybe play something more.

You see, I had this evil idea of playing a series of adventures with my gming group using Ctluhu D20 about the finding of archaeological chutlhoid thingys, prefirably egyptian, and then throw an adventure in the same line, current timeframe, so the think "ow, another chtlhoid entity ensues", but then they come up face to face with the StarGate Command, because it's not another Cthulhu nightmare, but a Goa'uld one... :)

But as I said I want a ruelbook that serves me both for SG1 and B5, and the Cthluhu D20 doesn't have the favored class by race rule, something that B5 does... :?

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In all actuality, you only need the Ability Score Modifiers for Babylon 5, which you can get from the 3.5 SRD. Just dowload the Basics and Ability Scores and you are set. However, if you are going to hold on to your SG1 RPG book, you can find these on page 139 of that book.

From what I know the Stargate SG1 RPG is powered by Spycraft. I highly doubt that it means that you need to own Spycraft to get full use out of your SG1. What I think it means is that it is based on the same mechanics of Spycraft.