My Problems with the Slaine D20 Rule Book...

Where some skills are either ignored, or I think renamed. They are left unexplained in both the Slaine Role-Playing-Game core rule book and the 3rd Edition Payers Handbook for Dungeons & Dragons.

Here is a list of the additional skills the official Slaine Character sheet adds to D&D 3.5 character sheets I decided to use on ROll 20...

Animal Empathy
Disable-Device (Added because Slaine D20 has it as a Dex skill . Where the D&D 3.5 Character sheets has it as a Int Skill.)
Pick Pocket
Sorcery (Why does this one have no related stat and where can I read more about it?)
Summon (This is the same as Sorcery?)
Wilderness Lore.

This is the list of skills that I found on the D&D 3.5 Edition that were not included on the Official Slaine character sheet...

Decipher Script (This only just reminded me that I rad of skill or some other ability called Know Ogham. I'm sure it was in the main rule book for Slaine, but can't find it now.)
Disable Device (As a Int skill and not Dex.)
Sleight of Hand (Now that I see it, I believe it should belong in the Slaine game and now I think Ian Sturrock changed the name to Pick Pocket. If this is right, then why did he bother. doing that?)
Spellcraft (Like the one above, this could be Sorcery with a new name? The Slaine rule book needs a skill section withthis explained.)
Survival (This one could be Wilderness Lore?)
Use Magic Device (I could still see the application of this one in Slaine.)

Why? Why doesn't the Slaine rule book have an explanation for the skills it added to the Dungeons & Dragons game it supplemented?
Sorry, my mistake, SKILLS are discussed on pages 27-28 of the main Slaine rulebook.

However, my other questions still stand. Of course, I haven't read those two pages yet.....excuse me while I do.