What is true?


I recently purchased The Darklands supplement, and some of the information in there does not jive with that of the gamebooks. Specifically, some of the info on the Darklords. I always assumed that Zagarna was a large crocodile like creature with a second mouth (the illustration in Book 14 of his statuette confirms this), yet his description in the Darklarnds is different. Same with Kraagenskul. In addition, some of the history and info presented in here, as well as in the core rulebook seem to counter that which is introduced in the gamebooks (names of the Lorestones, certain geographical locations). My question is this, if one were to create a campaign setting while trying to remain as faithful as possible to Lone Wolf, which "history" should we use?
Im inclined to agree, i feel in some aspects that The Darklands is somewhat of a disappointment :( on the upside tho, I'm GM and I change everything I don't agree with, after all, as a GM it's essentially the magnamund that *I* see when I run a campaign, and I've seen rulebooks as more of a guideline anyway, a few tweaks here or there has never hurt anyone
It's situations like these where you need rabid fans as proofreaders. These sorts of inconsistencies would be dealt with mercilessly.
it wouldnt be a very practical solution. the ensuing bloodbathes of "the comma goes here!" factions would be an entertaining show though (i think my love of the drakkarim is slowly turning me into a sadist :p )
Still, it might assist the process. I mean, I know they use Joe Dever as a sounding board (and apparently more than that, from recent posts), but it's the truly rabid fans who swoop down on inconsistencies and say, "No, no, Zagarna is taller than that--it says right here and here...," or, "You're mostly correct on the differences between Kraan and Zlanbeast, but you're forgetting some of the less obvious differences in the stats. For example...."

I heard a story second-hand that when all the Star Wars departments used to get together to plan a project (such as a new video game), whenever there was a question about whether something or not was correct, everyone looked at the RPG staff for the answer, because they were the true fact-checkers.
cool, someone page me when Lone Wolf : Kai Lord Monastery comes out on X-box then :wink: (in case anyone needs an explanation, play Star Wars : Jedi Academy)
Concerning Zagarna and Kraagenskul in the Darklands supplement, the textual descriptions do not contradict the original gamebooks. It's the artwork; however, that contradicts them.
whoa, kojiro, long time no see, been avoiding the drakkai order or something? hahahaha, i found a few things in the text i didnt like but yes the illustrations were VERY bad in my opinion :cry: